100 ways to drink health

We had a forgotten book on the shelf that we are going to take up again, because from its pages we can extract nutritious and refreshing drinks for the time in which we find ourselves. We talk about 100 ways to drink health.

This book from the Grijalbo publishing house offers us an excellent variety of preparations that will help us to provide our body with the five recommended servings of fruit and vegetables per day.

Through juices, shakes, slushies, infusions and soups made from fresh ingredients, easy to get and much easier to make, we will improve our energy balance, boost the immune system, keep free radicals at bay and naturally help to control weight.

The drinks are structured according to the effect they have on the body, explained step by step with photographs and information on nutritional values.

If you want to access this nutritious book, for about 18 euros you will find it in your usual bookstore.

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