100 Made in America recipes. Cook Book


Today I present you a very peculiar and very interesting book since it is a set of 100 Made in America recipes, 100 recipes cooked using purely American cult products as ingredients, such as Hershey's chocolates, Frenchi's mustard, Oreo cookies and others. similar and popular products.

It is a curious book in which we are not going to find haute cuisine recipes, but other popular recipes from the United States with their characteristic way of understanding cuisine. For that reason there are many sweet recipes, many sandwiches in which peanut butter, some cookie recipes and other similar products are not lacking.

Typically American ingredients are given very different uses than we usually think, since for example they use Philadelphia cheese for a lasagna or they make meat skewers with peanut butter as if it were a satay. As you will see in the images, the recipes will surprise you.

Dishes like the ones you see above this paragraph, specifically a salmon and yellow mustard quiche, a Kentucky Fried Chicken-style fried chicken, or oatmeal flakes with banana, look very appetizing, with the added value of the authentic, of know the original recipes recommended by them.

The author, Sandra Mahut, has made an interesting selection of quite varied recipes that will help us learn how Americans cook with their favorite products. A banana and dulce de leche cake, some cookies with candy canes or the classic BLT sandwich of Bacon lettuce and tomato, become a craving for everyone thanks to the quality of the photographs.

If you like American cuisine and you are curious to enjoy the most popular recipes cooked using cult products and ingredients, this will be your bedside book to learn the classic recipes such as the peanut butter and jam sandwich, the mashmallow bonbons or the Oreo mousse cake, among other appetizing recipes.

Made in America 100 recipes

Cooking American cult products
Sandra mahut
Editorial Lunwerg editors
ISBN: 9788416177011 Price | 24.50 euros

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