101 recipes to take to the beach and picnic


Field or beach? The typical question is repeated every year when summer arrives, although I was lucky to have both every year. Whatever our destination, everyone likes to enjoy a summer picnic in good company, much more if there is good food. With these 101 recipes to take to the beach and picnic, you have no excuse to repeat the same old dishes.

To make a picnic a success, we just need some basic equipment and a little advance planning. What are the best take away recipes? Above all, dishes that withstand the road well, are easy to eat and do not cause heavy digestion. Everything depends on how elaborate we want the menu to be, from comfortable sandwiches to a good display based on tuppers, a portable fridge and a checkered tablecloth.

Sandwiches, flavor between breads

I think when I was a child I only ate sandwiches in summer when we organized pairing them in the field or went hiking in the mountains. The "bread with things inside" is a great invention if it is done well, with good raw materials, without sinning by excess or by default and innovating a little with the filling. We have a good variety of sandwich recipes for all tastes, from classic flavors like serranito to authentic gourmet delicacies combining luxury ingredients.

  • Tomato sandwich marinated with anchovies and ricotta cheese
  • Veal sandwich with caramelized red onion, pear and provolone
  • Chimichurri chicken sandwiches
  • Pulled pork sandwiches with avocado
  • Spiced chicken sandwich with avocado, cream cheese and lamb's lettuce
  • Ham sandwich cooked with quince paste, pear and Gruyère cheese
  • Crispy mozzarella sandwich in float with quince
  • Secret sandwich with cream cheese and caramelized onion
  • Panini with smoked bacon and dried tomato
  • Brascada
  • serranito

Sandwiches and sandwiches

First cousin of the sandwich, in theory we call sandwiches to sandwiches made of mold-type bread, with a more tender crumb and cut into slices, instead of longitudinal pieces. Sandwiches are universal and there are very typical recipes like the famous club sandwich, but we can also get very creative. I would always recommend toasting the bread, especially if we go on a picnic, so that it holds the juices of the filling well and is not chaos at mealtime.

  • Chicken avocado salad sandwich
  • Chicken sandwich with mustard, goat cheese, plums and quince
  • Avocado and cheese sandwich with turkey bacon
  • Chicken, goat cheese, mozzarella and strawberries sandwich
  • Arugula and smoked bacon sandwich
  • Pear, gorgonzola and bacon sandwich

  • Mortadella and San Simón cheese sandwich
  • Marinated beef, mustard and arugula sandwich
  • Tuna and artichoke sandwich
  • Portuguese Francesinha Sandwich
  • Elvis Presley's Favorite Sandwich
  • Sandwich Club

Burritos, wraps and other rolled recipes

With varieties of flatbread type tortillas we can prepare rolled recipes perfect to take away. The wrap or roll format is always more manageable and will withstand the rattle of the road, if we make sure to wrap them well. It is always a good idea to add a juicy and fresh touch to the filling with vegetables and some sauce or creamy cheese, without going overboard so that it does not overflow. The crunchy snack-type options to share are also great.

  • Spicy tuna and avocado burritos
  • Bell pepper and chorizo ​​burritos
  • Vegetarian burritos
  • Chicken burritos with cheese
  • Filo and chorizo ​​rolls
  • Chicken rolls and anchovy sauce

  • Chicken Caesar wrap
  • Chicken wraps or rolls with adobo peppers, green sprouts and cheese
  • Cold Vietnamese Rolls with Peanut Sauce
  • Crispy sardine and cream cheese rolls
  • Puff pastry rolls filled with pepper cream and sausage
  • Crispy black pudding and apple rolls
  • Brick rolls and feta cheese
  • Vegetarian rolls with rice wafers

Very summery salads

Being summer it is impossible not to remember salads, also at a picnic. We have infinite proposals in our recipe book, from the lightest to the most complete. It should be remembered that salads with a base of green leaves it is best to take the dressing separately, but others will benefit from the marinade. In this selection we have some of the most summery, to take in a tupper or jar, or even to turn into sandwich filling.

  • Summer spinach and feta salad with seasonal fruits
  • Watermelon and feta salad
  • Fusilli salad with mozzarella and tuna
  • Crispy bean salad with smoked cod
  • Caprese salad with avocado and honey dressing
  • Lentil salad with mustard vinaigrette

  • Murciana Salad
  • Octopus and avocado salad
  • Prawn, arugula and papaya salad
  • Pasta and smoked salad
  • Fresh salad of melon and gorgonzola cheese
  • Quinoa, chicken and vegetable salad
  • Light salad of couscous, mango and mint
  • Dried fish and bread crust salad
  • Summer rice salad

Meats to go

Yes, breaded steak has given life to millions of beach and country days in our country, but there is life beyond in the field of meat to go. Obviously a stew in sauce is not a very good option; we want dishes that can be taken cold after cooking. Recipes of homemade cold cuts, marinated or marinated meats and pieces that can be cut into slices are the best options, without forgetting the most creative breading.

  • Tenderloin books stuffed with ham and cheese
  • Cold meat of minced meat, bologna mortadella, omelette and caramel
  • Cold round chicken
  • Roast beef with paprika and honey
  • Turkey to the kikos
  • Chicken breast with mozzarella and dried tomatoes
  • Chicken breast stuffed with ham, pepper and scamorza
  • Marinated beef in red wine
  • Microwave salted loin


I love empanadas and I don't think we value them enough. I also love that there are typical recipes in regions as far away from our country as Galicia and the Mediterranean, each with its traditional flavors. They are perfect for taking and sharing outdoors, they admit many different flavors and are best enjoyed at room temperature, when the dough and filling have settled a bit. We can make empanadas with bakery dough, with quick alternatives or use the always practical puff pastry.

  • The easiest meat pie in the world
  • Prawn pie and confit onion
  • Tuna pie
  • Galician pie with sardines
  • Cockle pie
  • Galician empanada with bonito and peppers
  • Chicken puff pastry
  • Majorcan lamb empanadas


And of course, how to leave out the mini version of the previous ones, the delicious empanadillas in their multiple formats. They are even more practical for a picnic because they do not even have to be cut, they are eaten on their own in just a few bites and it is easy to calculate the portions. With wafers, homemade dough or puff pastry, fried or baked ... we have many different fillings to choose from and never get bored of these little delicacies.

  • Ham dumplings
  • Homemade beef, mushroom and tomato dumplings
  • Minced meat dumplings
  • Empanadillas de Móstoles
  • Broccoli, pear and blue cheese dumplings

  • Meat dumplings
  • Black pudding and apple dumplings
  • Carbonara dumplings
  • Apple, walnut and gorgonzola dumplings
  • Goat cheese and sobrasada dumplings


If before I commented on that typical image of breaded fillet, surely many of you have visualized a potato omelette next to it. I'm not going to deny that tortillas are still great to take on a picnic, although they do require some assembly. in situ to enjoy them. In addition to the most classic, we have recipes with different flavors to vary all summer. Try to curdle them well to avoid unnecessary health risks, especially if we do not carry a portable refrigerator.

  • Potatoes' tortilla with onion
  • Potato omelette with onion jam
  • Light potato omelette
  • Spanish omelette with cheese

  • Vegetable omelette
  • Tortilla with green asparagus, almonds and Manchego cheese
  • Zucchini omelets
  • Tomato, cheese and ham omelette
  • Escarole omelette
  • Zucchini and Brie Cheese Omelette
  • Cod omelette


We love quiches when it comes to sharing a casual or party meal, and they are also great to take out and enjoy outdoors. Using a quality refrigerated dough we will save a lot of time and we will have them ready in just a few minutes, from the classic Lorraine quiche to more summer versions with many vegetables.

  • Vegetable Quiche
  • quiche Lorraine
  • Fresh goat cheese and zucchini quiche
  • Ham And Cheese Quiche
  • Salmon quiche and leeks
  • Quiche with cherry tomatoes and pine nuts

Salty tarts and cocas

Quiches don't have the exclusivity in the world of savory cakes, and this latest selection of recipes proves it. We have salty cakes and cocas so you don't get bored, with different doughs and a wide variety of fillings. Thin and crisp or juicy and fluffy? Vegetarian or seafood? What I like most about these recipes is that they can be prepared in advance and they taste just as good or better than freshly made, something that does not happen with, for example, pizzas.

  • Fish cake
  • Salty tomato tart with cream cheese and mustard
  • Vegetable tarte tatin
  • Humita cake
  • Asparagus and salmon cake with mushrooms

  • Tomato and anchovy tart
  • Savory cherry tomato and three cheese cake
  • Fine whole wheat sardine and pepper coca
  • Ibiza roasted red peppers coca
  • Ibizan coca with gató or dogfish

These 101 recipes for the beach and picnic prove that you don't have to fall for the same old traditional dishes when you organize a cookout. I hope that it has inspired you and encourages you to fill your summer with flavor, whatever the destination. What are your favorite takeaway dishes?

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