11 foods that can be addictive if you eat them frequently


Food addiction exists, we just can't eliminate food from our life because we need it as a source of nutrients. So, the key is to recognize the foods that can generate addiction like the ones we show you below.

Table sugar

The glycemic load of a food, and its rapid metabolism, are factors that influence the addictive power of foods as has been proven.

So much so that table sugar is one of the most addictive foods that we can consume, as well as other sources of free or added sugars such as honey, syrups or syrups.

It is advisable to limit its consumption whenever possible, being able to use sweeteners in its replacement until reducing the sweetness threshold or the appetite for sweets in our body.

Soft drinks and cola drinks

With or without sugar, these sweet-tasting foods also have caffeine that increases their addictive power.

Thus, although all sugary soft drinks can generate addiction, even worse are those of cola due to its components derived from caffeine that stimulate the central nervous system and therefore encourage us to desire more and more.

Industrial pastries (including cookies and crackers)

As much a bun as a crunchy sweet cookie or a salty or cracker cookie can be addictive, since they not only offer sugars or refined flours that are metabolized quickly but also, they are highly processed foods and this is another factor associated with addiction.

In addition, they tend to have fat and sodium which are other addictive components of food. And this added to the crunchy texture of the cookies, can aggravate the situation by stimulating their consumption and always wanting more.

Various sweets

Due to their content in simple hydrates or added sugars, sweets in general tend to generate addiction and if we get used to their consumption every day, we can get more and more hooked.

It is advisable to replace them with fruits or options that satisfy such as raisins, peach dried apricots or similar that have fiber and require more digestive work.

Potato chips

Among the commercial snacks we find many addictive alternatives, but the potato chips are the perfect combination of starches that are easily assimilated in our body, sodium and fats with a crunchy texture.

Thus, we can easily show that it is not possible to eat just one and that until we see the empty container we cannot stop.

It is advisable to consume non-fried options such as baked chips, and without salt, instead. Also spicy nuts or pipes are healthy alternatives.

Sugary chocolate

Chocolate that includes milk, white chocolate or chocolate with a low percentage of cocoa and added sugar is an option that can be very addictive because it has theobromine and free sugar.

The best thing is to opt for a dark chocolate with a high degree of purity and without added sugar, as it has greater satiating power, is less addictive and also provides more antioxidants and minerals typical of cocoa.

Fried corn sticks or other fried and salty snacks

Like potato chips, fried and salty snacks are highly addictive due to their fat and sodium content along with their crunchy texture.

Also, many have starch inside and therefore, they do not satiate at all but rather push us to eat more and more.

The most advisable replacement are baked snacks or roasted and spiced nuts and seeds.

Ice creams

While most are made from milk that offers quality protein, ice creams are also rich in sugars and fats that in combination stimulate addiction.

The most advisable thing is to opt for homemade ice cream, without added sugar.

Cold cuts and sausages

Cold cuts and sausages are highly concentrated in salt and fat but also, many include sugar or refined flours inside. Thus, they are processed meats and are part of the ultra-processed that it is always better to avoid.

They are a very appetizing food and therefore, they can generate addiction without providing us with quality nutrients. It is advisable to use fresh, cooked and filleted meats such as turkey or chicken breast instead.

Sugary cereals

Their crunchy texture, their high sugar content (even in "fitness" cereals) and their low protein and fiber content make these foods highly addictive, especially for children.

Commercial cereals should always be avoided, being able to opt for oatmeal, whole wheat couscous, puffed quinoa or similar without added sugar to include in our breakfasts.

Fast food: pizza, hamburgers and others

Like other ultra-processed foods on this list, pizza, hamburgers, and other fast foods are among the most addictive foods we can consume due to their easy-to-digest carbohydrates, fat, and high sodium content.

The low intake of fiber and other nutrients that satisfy are what make fast food an option that we must avoid so as not to get too hooked.

These are 11 foods that can generate addiction and that we recommend reducing as much as possible in our usual diet if we want to take care of our health through what we eat.

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