13 cocktails and drinks (with and without alcohol) to celebrate New Year's Eve at home in the walk through the gastronomy of the network


The year has the hours counted and preparations are being finalized to fire him as he deserves - which is probably wanting to leave him behind soon. If there is a day when you want more than ever to toast and become a house bartender, it is on New Year's Eve. We can do it with cava, champagne or cider, but if you prefer to try harder, in our walk through the gastronomy of the network we bring recipes for cocktails and drinks with which to welcome the new year well.

It is always more special to observe how a true professional prepares with art and technique the most famous cocktails or creations of his own harvest, but when we stay home to celebrate New Year's Eve, the moment of preparing the drinks can also be part of the party . And it doesn't always have to be with alcohol or mixing sodas like crazy.

You can cheer yourself up with the most classic cocktails or with versions of them; In any case, it is time to take out the glassware and cocktail accessories that spend the year decorating the display cases or collecting dust in the drawer. When, if not on New Year's Eve, are we going to be able to play with colored straws, umbrellas and paper fruit decorations?

We have dived into the blogosphere to rescue recipes and ideas for a good variety of drinks for all tastes, including non-alcoholic drinks that will also liven up the evening after drinking the grapes.

Recipes for cocktails and alcoholic drinks

We are going to start with very Christmas drinks that are ideal to warm up the body in these cold days that we are having. Miriam from The Winter Guest teaches us how to make the classic hot toddy with tea, which, as she rightly says, is a "typically British drink ... to drink on foggy winter nights." Tea, whiskey, honey, lemon and spices to comfort body and soul.

Hot Toddy with tea from The Winter Guest.

Also very Christmas is the eggnog, but that Virginia from Sweet and sour proposes to us to make a vegan or allergy version with her vegan punch recipe. It is actually a recipe with and without alcohol, because if we want an adult punch we only have to use brandy, and the liquor can be omitted without problems using water instead.

Following the festive trail, and as a recipe to use nougat, we have the appetizing Apple & Cinnamon nougat liqueur, which curiously is made with hard from Alicante, not soft from Jijona. A good pump for after-meals that, of course, must be taken in moderation, due to the alcoholic content and also the sugar content.

Apple & Cinnamon nougat liqueur.

Also with its sweet touch and without completely losing the Christmas spirit we have the cocktail of nuts and sake from Cooking with Catman, adapting a recipe from the renowned Javier de las Muelas. First you have to make a simple nut syrup that we can take advantage of in other preparations, and then mix it with chocolate liqueur, gin and sake, plus spicy dressings.

Moving on to fresher cocktails, if you have mastered the art of authentic Cuban mojito, you may want to try the special mojitos of Cuchillito y fork, or the classic cosmopolitan of Raúl in Contigo en la playa, with its always striking reddish color and a touch sparkling red fruit cider.

Knife and fork special mojitos.

If you like recipes with history, at Bake-Street we always have a good read before getting down to work with their great proposals. In this case we can learn where the curious paper plane cocktail comes from and its evolution, which will delight lovers of bitter drinks. Although, to toast after the chimes, nothing like the refreshing melon and cava cocktail from La cocina de Fabrisa.

Recipes to toast without alcohol

In this second section of non-alcoholic recipes we also find very appetizing ideas for the whole family, that you do not have to be a minor or have any medical restrictions to give up -or limit- alcohol, because no one is forced to drink even if it is New Year's Eve.

Papaya, grapefruit, orange, tomato and pear juice from La cocina de las casinas.

For example, and linking with the last previous cocktail, María from Sweets & jpgts by Marietta proposed a rich grape and melon cocktail to toast with children, but that will surely appeal to all ages. Natural fruit is perfect to hydrate us on a long night of partying or games at home, and a juice of papaya, grapefruit, orange, tomato and pear like the one in La cocina de las casinas can come in handy after a copious dinner.

La dolce gula Christmas mocktail.

Mery from La dolce gula has a great Christmas mocktail recipe, the so-called non-alcoholic festive cocktails, proving that they can look just as good, and at Pepita greens a curious recipe for virgin bloody mary with water kefir awaits us, certainly a lot more digestive than the original.

And to say goodbye, already looking at the New Year on the horizon, we close with two drinks that are also grateful for digestion, or that at least sound most comforting. Macarena from Bajo un Cloud offers a bubbly and festive turmeric and ginger cocktail, while Macu from I have an oven and I know how to use it uses the same spices for her almond milk with turmeric, preparing the homemade drink herself.

Turmeric and ginger cocktail from Under a Cloud.

Whatever your choice for tonight, we hope you have a great start and end of the year. And tomorrow, to clear up with a good hot chocolate with homemade churros.

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