17 clam recipes to succeed at family gatherings

Clams are one of our favorite ingredients and without a doubt at Christmas is when we like to use them the most. So that this year you have many options and they turn out delicious, we propose these 17 clam recipes to succeed in family gatherings, such as Christmas parties.

From classic snack recipes like clams a la marinera to more sophisticated dishes like clam chowders or clam casseroles with potatoes or rice, this mollusk is full of culinary possibilities and these are our recommendations, starting with the tricks to clean them properly. To keep all budgets in mind, we've included 14 recipes with clams and three more with clams, which are cheaper.

Four dishes of clams as appetizers and portions

1. Clams a la marinera

Perhaps the seafood clam recipe would be my first choice if I had to choose a dish with this ingredient. The creamy sauce, just the right touch of spice and a good piece of village bread and I don't need more to be happy at the aperitif time.

2. Clams in hot sauce

This pan of clams with spicy sauce, is another of the great recipes to make with clams, mussels or chirlas. At these parties, I recommend that you try the clams in a spicy sauce, a party dish for the whole family, as long as you adjust the size of the spice to the taste of all diners. Prepare bread ...

3. Chamomile clams and asparagus with ham

This is one of the classic snacks they serve at La Castela, a traditional Madrid bar that became very popular with the visit of Michelle Obama and her daughters a few months ago. There they prepare the clams and asparagus with chamomile with ham with a recipe very similar to this. Do not stop trying it.

4. Clams in green sauce

The classic flavor of Basque recipes is revealed in this recipe for clams in green sauce, one of the most common on Christmas tables for families in our country. The secret is to cook them without going over the top to get a smooth flavor and a sauce with the ideal texture. They never disappoint.

Four recipes with clams as a garnish

5. Monkfish in green sauce with clams

Clams are also a great garnish for fish dishes and recipes. Both with hake and with this monkfish in green sauce with clams, it works great. Keep it in mind this Christmas if you plan to make a fish recipe.

6. Quinoa soup with clams

One of the first quinoa recipes that we have published - many years ago - was this recipe for quinoa soup with clams. I assure you that it is quite a discovery for when you feel like a comforting spoon plate and full of nutrients.

7. Creamy rice with clams and octopus

We love fish and seafood rices, and even more so when they have two ingredients as rich as this creamy clam and octopus rice, which will make everyone's mouth water just by looking at it. You will not deny that you have wanted to prepare it one of these days ...

8. Rice with clams

We continue with rice and a classic is rice with clams, very simple and very clean, ideal for degreasing after a few days of excess and with the rich flavor that the cooking broth brings to this recipe.

Six clam recipes in broth format

9. Microwave white wine clam casserole

For those who don't have much time to make the previous recipes, this microwave-prepared clam casserole in white wine is a good option so as not to give up the most appetizing flavor and Christmas appetizers at this time of year.

10. New England clam chowder

What better than a good clam broth to tone the body, as we did with this New England style soup that taught us how to prepare MJ using the Thermomix. Its texture, intense flavor and presentation make this dish a good choice for light dinners or as a starter in festive celebrations.

11. Cod and seafood chowder

The same could be said of this exciting typical Irish dish, the cod and seafood chowder in which clams, prawns and aromatic herbs form an unbeatable set. If you try it, you will fall for its delicious flavor.

12. Clams with steamed sake

This version of an oriental recipe made with Japanese clams was made Spanish by Pintxo, who got a very simple and flavorful dish whose preparation uses sake in a similar way to when we use a little Jerez wine in our seafood preparations. Be sure to try the steamed sake clams if you fancy an oriental touch at your table.

13. Galician clams with cachelos

The mixture of potatoes and clams always works and even more so if we use cachelos or Galician potatoes with their unforgettable texture and we mix them with the wonderful Carril clams. In this recipe for Galician clams with cheeks, you can breathe the aroma of Galicia in each tablespoon. It is a simple recipe, almost for beginners, that will leave you well satisfied this year.

14. Pan of clams, mushrooms and prawns

There are times when the mixture of ingredients is the cause of success, as in the case of this pan of mushrooms, clams and prawns that we proposed to you long ago as an appetizer. With its abundant broth that will appreciate a good bread spread and the different flavors, it will surely please everyone at home. Recommended!

Three recipes with chirlas to lower the budget

When the holidays are approaching and prices are rising, a good alternative to slug clams or Japanese clams can be chirlas, which are always cheaper. With them you can prepare almost all the previous recipes without problem, practically with the only difference of the smaller size. With this ingredient we have made these recipes.

15. Chirlas soup with rice

I love this chirlas soup with rice. It is easy, it is cheap and most importantly, it is delicious. With a very low budget, you can prepare a spoon dish that you sing on the cold nights of December. Remember.

16. Black spaghetti with chirlas

Nothing like a plate of pasta with the flavor of the sea to recover after a night of partying and Christmas carols. These black spaghetti with chirlas and tomato were a success at home and whenever I find clams expensive, I use chirlas to make them with this Lola recipe that I like so much.

17. Potatoes with chirlas and shrimp

A classic stew like potatoes with chirlas, rises in category with the contribution of shrimp. For the dinners between the most important parties, this comforting and cheap recipe will surely come in handy, which cannot be to eat everything if we want to be more or less fit to start the year.

And so we complete this selection of 17 recipes with clams to triumph this Christmas in the confidence that they will come in handy to make your appetizers, entrees, main dishes using this ingredient this holiday season. Have you tried all of them? Which one do you like the most? You will tell us.

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