17 recipes for vegetables and legumes for Christmas

Although they will never be the stars of Christmas, legumes and vegetables are like those magnificent supporting actors who make a movie better. That is why we have selected these 17 recipes for legumes and vegetables for Christmas, and so you can ensure the success of your particular production.

To the rich greengrocer starter

A starter made with vegetables is a great idea if you are planning a hearty dinner. It is not a matter of packing our guests from the beginning and then they arrive full to the main course.

My suggestion, to start with, is this light zucchini mousse recipe, which may well replace the usual seafood cakes or pâtés on the table, since with a little bread it is delicious.

Another way to prepare zucchini for the appetizer is with this recipe for zucchini stuffed with chicken and piquillos, which are beautiful on the table. We can also fill them with boletus and shrimp if we prefer, which are more Christmassy ingredients.

If we are looking to prepare a salad with legumes, a good option is this warm lentil coriander salad with prawns, which has some very appropriate colors for the Holidays, although another curious alternative for the appetizer, now without legumes, is this eggplant with sauce tomato and shrimp.

And first: fabes verdines stewed with clams and prawns

In my family they beans with clams They are a regular at Christmas, so I think it is a great idea to serve this recipe for stewed green beans with clams and prawns first during the Christmas meal, for example. Never at night, of course.

If we have something lighter in mind, there are different very tasty vegetable dishes that will prepare us for the main course:

  • Caponata leccese
  • Tian Provencal zucchini, eggplant and tomatoes
  • Potatoes stuffed with ham and cheese
  • Peperonata alla leccese

Vegetables, perfect garnish

Vegetables are perfect to garnish both meat and fish. There are many options out there, but since Christmas requires something special, I think this dauphinois gratin perfectly meets the requirements. If we are looking for something with potatoes, but easier, then we can choose these spiced potato wedges or some special rosemary potatoes to garnish meat dishes.

The beans are also very good companions, so we can prepare balsamic roasted green beans, or better yet a garnish of green beans with grapefruit and nuts, which is more Christmassy.

As an alternative to beans and potatoes, which are two classics, and also as a finishing touch to these 17 recipes for vegetables and vegetables for Christmas, we offer you this garnish of Brussels sprouts with sage and a very festive cauliflower roasted with paprika with nuts. Happy Holidays!

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