21 wonderful ovens that will make your life easier


No, we have not gone crazy to bring you the most wonderful ovens to make your culinary life easier. We already know that we are about to start the hottest season of the year, but you will agree with us that those of us who like to cook find it very difficult to resist turning on such a precious appliance. That is why we are going to explain to you in Hunting Bargains which are the best offers.

Surely you will be able to resist our proposals and, even if you did not have it in mind, you will think about whether to change your current oven model for a more modern one with more features. Actually, how easy we are! But, between us, it is worth taking such an opportunity when it presents itself, don't you think? We go with our proposals.

Conventional ovens

Conventional ovens are those that have traditionally been used in our country, they are cheaper but slower, so they also consume more. They work through electrical resistances that heat the air inside and are located on the lower wall only or on the lower and upper wall (grill).

  • With an almost unbeatable price, only 156 euros and free shipping, on Amazon you can find this Candy FST100 / 6 X oven. Its capacity is 65 liters and it has an interior light and an integrated clock.

  • For 167 euros, the Candy FST100 / 6W oven is available on the Media Markt. Its capacity is 65 liters, it is equipped with halogen lighting and its energy classification is class A.

  • In El Corte Inglés you will find this Cata SE604WH oven for 209 euros, with energy classification A, with a capacity of 55 liters, with the following cooking functions: traditional cooking, hearth, grill and with lighting

  • Also in El Corte Inglés, but with a slightly more expensive price, 249 euros, we find this oven with thermostat, four cooking functions and tangential fan

Ovens and microwaves in one

When there are space problems in the kitchen, including an oven and microwave in the same appliance is the best solution. They allow defrosting and heating with the microwave and cooking with hot air. The downside is that its price is a bit higher, the same as its repairs, and you have to choose between using the oven or microwave function, since both at the same time is not possible.

  • At a very affordable price, only 174.96 euros we have seen an LG MH6382BTS microwave oven on Amazon, with 1000W power. Its capacity is 23 liters and there is only one left in stock.

  • In Media Markt you can find an LG MA3884VC Inox microwave oven for 542 euros, with a convection power of 2800W, a grill power of 1600W and a microwave power of 900W.

  • Also in Media Markt, but more expensive, 634 euros is the Teka 40587100 MCL 32 BIS microwave oven with 46-liter capacity and hinged door. It has 6 power levels such as microwave, with 1,000W of output.

  • We continue to rise in price, in El Corte Inglés we have seen this Bosch CMG633BS1 microwave oven for 859 euros. Its capacity is 45 liters and, among other features, it has a fan with an EcoSilence Drive brushless motor.

Multifunction ovens

They are the mid-range ovens found in most Spanish kitchens and we can find them with various features. Normally they come with grill and with convection, which facilitates the preparation of two meals at the same time since it is a system that circulates the air, achieving faster and more homogeneous cooking.

  • For only 169 euros we will tell you that in Media Markt there is an OK OBO655ES multifunction oven, with energy classification A and a mechanical timer with cooking suspension function in addition to 5 functions.

  • In Amazon you can find, at a really affordable price, 172.31 euros a Zanussi ZOB20301XK oven with 56 liters of capacity and a power of 1875 watts.

  • For a somewhat higher price, 193.06 euros, also on Amazon, there is the Beko BIE22301X oven, with a capacity of 71 liters, grill, integrated on / off switch, interior light, built-in display and electronic clock.

  • From the Zanussi brand, model ZOB20301XK you will see this oven on the El Corte Ingles website for 215 euros. Its capacity is 56 liters, it has a hinged door and the power of its grill is 1650W.

Pyrolytic ovens

The advantage of pyrolytic ovens is that they clean themselves. By means of the pyrolysis function, a temperature of about 500ºC is reached, reducing any remaining food or fat inside to ashes. The pyrolytic cleaning process takes 1 to 3 hours, depending on the accumulated dirt. Once the oven has cooled down after pyrolysis, just wipe with a slightly damp cloth to remove those few ashes.

  • In El Corte Inglés we have seen this Zanussi ZOP37922XK pyrolytic cleaning oven for 359 euros, with a 56-liter capacity.

  • For 429 euros, also on the El Corte Inglés website, you can find this Indesit FIM88KGP.AIX pyrolytic oven, with 8 cooking functions.

  • At Amazon they offer us a Balay 3HB556XM pyrolytic cleaning oven for 353.39 euros, with safety auto-off, convection, grill, interior light, built-in display and programmable electronic clock.

  • From the Bosch brand and also on Amazon is the pyrolytic oven HBA64B152F for 441 euros, with hinged opening, 3 cleaning levels: Eco, Normal and Plus, exact regulation of cooking start and stop temperatures, programmable electronic clock and energy consumption 10 % less than class A.

Oven with steam function

The advantage of a steam oven is that, during cooking, the vitamins, minerals and proteins of the food are preserved, since the steam that is formed envelops it, avoiding its contact with the water, so that there are no losses of nutrients due to its dissolution in water, nor changes in taste, aroma or texture. Their price is higher than the other options but they get much less dirty and the food is prepared more quickly.

  • For 340 euros, a very reasonable price in Media Markt we have seen this 74-liter Zanussi ZOB65632XA oven and the following functions: bottom heat, grill, fast grill, grill + turbo, turbo plus and pizza.

  • We raised the price a little bit, 399 euros to show you this AEG BE3013521M oven, with a power of 3500W and 74 liters of capacity, on the El Corte Inglés website.

  • Also from El Corte Inglés is this AEG BP301350WM oven for 595 euros, with the following cooking functions: PlusSteam, fast preheating, demo, hearth, traditional cooking, traditional cooking and fan, single grill, double grill and turbo grill.

  • In Amazon you will find this Electrolux EOC6631AOX steam oven and pyrolytic cleaning for 604.12 euros. Capacity of 74 liters and a power of 3480 W. The same oven but for 680 euros, something more expensive is also in Mediamarkt.

  • And already to hallucinate, in Media Markt there is also the AEG BS8836480B oven, with a very elegant line, for 1260 euros, which thanks to the Isofront® Plus + door with refractory lining, the heat is kept inside the oven while the The exterior remains relatively cool to the touch, with a maximum temperature of 50 ° C.

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Candy FST100 / 6 X - Fst100 / 6X Conventional Oven

Today in amazon for 151.76 ¤

LG MH6382BTS - Microwave oven with oven and grill function, 1000 W, black and gray

Today in amazon for 139.90 ¤

Zanussi ZOB20301XK - Oven

Today in amazon for 0.00 ¤

Beko BIE22301X - Oven (Medium, 65L, Electric, Built-in, Stainless Steel, Rotary, Touch)

Today in amazon for € 251.00

Balay 3HB556XM - Multifunction Oven 3Hb556Xm With Comfort Touch Control

Today in amazon for 0.00 ¤

Bosch - HBA64B152F Pyrolytic Oven

Today in amazon for € 315.00

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