21 scandal recipes according to our editors


We have published so many delicious recipes that it has been difficult for all of us to make this selection of 21 scandal recipes according to our editors, but for this publication, each of us has selected their favorites and this is the result with our best recipes, which today you we propose.

Recipes for appetizers, starters, main dishes, side dishes and desserts. Vegetarian recipes, meat and fish recipes, and of course sweet recipes. In short, they are recipes that work and that can give you a lot of satisfaction when you prepare them. These are our 21 most loved recipes.

21 scandal recipes according to our editors

A) Appetizers, garnishes and starters of scandal

1. Roasted potatoes that melt in your mouth

The truth is that this recipe by Liliana is ideal to accompany any type of dish. Tasty, tender, and creamy, we love melt-in-your-mouth roast potatoes because they always go well with your recipe.

As she tells us They are roasted potatoes so mellow that they melt in your mouth, but retain a slightly crunchy exterior that makes them irresistible. Do not stop preparing them when you use the oven to make a recipe for chicken, meat or fish. They will not be forgotten.

Complete recipe | Roasted potatoes that melt in your mouth

2. Cauliflower with turmeric

This dish is very versatile because it can be eaten cold and hot and is a good starter, a good garnish and according to María José, it is also perfect to serve as a snack or an aperitif.

It is a simple dish that all it requires is a little vigilance in the oven to prevent it from burning or browning excessively because as well as turmeric it contains paprika, it could be bitter, but doing it with care is easy and is delicious.

Complete recipe | Cauliflower with turmeric

3. Murcian Zarangollo

This dish is so popular in the Murcia region that all Murcians who live outside of it yearn for it and prepare it as soon as they get the chance. It can be used as an aperitif, as a garnish or as a single dish and is truly a gastronomic marvel of this Autonomous Community.

Liliana, the author of the recipe, tells us that It is an essential dish during the Spring Festivities and the September Fair, linked to the garden, to working in the fields and to tapas in the sun. Don't stop preparing it because it will surprise you.

Complete recipe | Zarangollo Murciano

4. Bacon jam

This recipe from our colleague Minué has been chosen by María Llanos, our Editorial Director of the female channel, since it is one of those that she usually prepares at home as an aperitif or as a garnish, since this jam or compote is perfect for both.

According to Minué in the recipe, It is a perfect recipe both to eat alone with some toast and to accompany meats, fill empanadas or sweeten hamburgers. It also has the advantage that it keeps well for several weeks in the fridge. Needless to say more. You have to do it and it will convince you forever.

Complete recipe | Bacon jam

5. Balsamic marinated mushroom skewer

I loved this skewer of balsamic marinated mushrooms as soon as I saw it being published by my colleague Phillippe who writes En Directo al Paladar México and collaborates with us from time to time. Its color and texture are ideal for garnish or as an aperitif.

According to him, the best way to enjoy these delicious balsamic marinated mushroom skewers is hot or warm. I recommend doing them at the last minute since it will not take you more than 10 minutes to grill them. As you can see, it is a light, easy and fast recipe that you should not stop trying.

Complete recipe | Balsamic marinated mushroom skewer

B) Fish and other seafood products left from scandal

6. Squid in its ink with sobrasada

This recipe from María José is actually a recipe that was explained to her at the market when she went to see what she was buying. As he tells us The fishmonger explained to me this way of preparing the squid, and since I had all the other ingredients at home I immediately decided that I was going to cook them that way. The result seemed exquisite, very tasty, and I am sure that I will prepare them many more times.

The combination of ingredients and flavors that are produced in each bite is exquisite and that is why we recommend it, accompanied by a little white rice or boiled rice, since you will not need anything else to enjoy.

Complete recipe | Squid in its ink with sobrasada

7. Sea bass in perfect salt

Probably the recipe for sea bass in salt is one of the most characteristic of our Mediterranean cuisine, and the good thing is that it can be done in the same way with other fish such as sea bream, snapper, sea bass ...

In addition to a recipe that always turns out well, when I prepared that salt sea bass recipe I included two tricks so that you can remove the salt crust in one piece and so that you can check if the fish is ready before opening it. And they are two tricks that do not fail.

Complete recipe | Sea bass in salt with two tricks to make it perfect

8. Cod al pil pil

Cod al pil pil is one of the great dishes of Basque gastronomy that Esther has prepared with a classic sauce: pil pil, which she defines as a linked, silky and flavorful sauce that accompanies cod in this dish.

Preparing this emulsified sauce based on wrist movements is not difficult if you follow the advice and detailed explanations in the recipe that Esther has made. You will see how as soon as you practice a little, you will succeed.

Complete recipe | Cod al pil pil

C) Meat dishes that will be a scandal

9. Sirloin with port sauce

I already tell you in this recipe, that beef tenderloin is a tender and tasty meat that we usually associate with special occasions. Today we are going to use it to make a recipe of those that we reserve for events, celebrations or visits from special friends those we love.

That is why I recommend that you prepare this dish when you want to look good, when you fancy a perfect knitted meat, with the ideal tenderness that makes it practically melt in your mouth and with a unique sauce.

Complete recipe | Sirloin with Porto sauce

10. Meatballs in the planter

The classics never die and that's why I'm sure you're going to really enjoy this recipe from Esther: the garden meatballs. These meat balls that we have made in a thousand and one ways over the years, conquer us with their classic garnish of carrot and pea in sauce.

As the author of the recipe tells us, This dish based on minced meat is liked by young and old, it is very simple to prepare and if we put ourselves with it with determination, we can have food for a battalion.

11. Cheeks with red wine made in CrockPot

Carmen Tia Alia tells us that cheeks have become a prized, valued cut and, above all, much enjoyed for its flavor and texture. Therefore, knowing that they need good cooking, he decided to prepare them in the CrockPot.

The result is obvious to the eye. A honeyed meat full of flavor, covered with a creamy, bright sauce with a powerful flavor, which everyone likes. With a garnish of mashed potatoes and vegetables or ratatouille, a very complete dish.

Complete recipe | Red wine cheeks at CrockPot

12. Peppers stuffed with meat

Stuffed peppers can be made with almost any ingredient by forming the sham or filling. They can then be packed and fried or brown in the oven, after covering them with their sauce. In this recipe that I make to start, whenever I have guests, everything is very simple.

As I tell you in the recipe, with some good canned piquillo peppers, and a good filling, with these peppers stuffed with meat everyone will suck your fingers. And I guarantee that its intense flavor and the sauce made with the peppers themselves, you will never fail when you prepare it at home.

Complete recipe | Peppers stuffed with meat

D) Recipes with vegetables that leave us scandal

13. Boletus lasagna

This boletus lasagna is probably the favorite of many of you, since it is a delicious recipe from my partner Carmen Tía Alia. According to herself, it is the best recipe we can find because This simple combination of ingredients is perfect. The filling is flavorful, stunningly creamy, and the topping sauce complements it like no other we've tried so far. The point of sweetness that Pedro Ximénez provides is a total success.

You can make this lasagna in a traditional way in a baking dish with lasagna plates or in an individual format, using the cannelloni plates. Whatever you do, you will love it.

Complete recipe | Boletus lasagna

14. Aubergine millefeuille stuffed with vegetables

This other recipe from our colleague Philippe has everything to please vegetarians and non-vegetarians because beyond the ingredients it uses, it is delicious. He tells us that This recipe is a proposal for all those who are looking for vegetarian food alternatives either out of conviction or for health.

The vegetable-filled aubergine millefeuille is preferably eaten as a main dish or as a garnish for some other preparation. If you want to prepare it in advance it is good to know that it reheats perfectly in a few minutes using the microwave.

Complete recipe | Eggplant millefeuille stuffed with vegetables

E) Rices of scandal

We could have included here many classic recipes for dry rice and broth rice, paellas, cauldrons or recipes for fried or sautéed rice, but a selection is a selection, and these are our proposals for this section.

15. Carabineros rice cooked in the oven

My Director María Llanos says that she makes this recipe for Carabineros dry rice using my recipe for Soupy Rice with Carabineros and adjusting the broth and cooking so that it is dry. In any case, you do it with the dry recipe or the broth recipe, both are really a scandal.

As I tell you in this recipe for rice with red prawns cooked in the oven, I made this dish to give joy to my partner, who goes crazy for this seafood, since the word carabineros instantly causes a smile on his face.

Complete recipe | Carabineros rice cooked in the oven

16. Black Garlic Risotto with Crunchy Parmesan

The author of this recipe, Carmen Tía Alia tells us: I have been preparing this Black Garlic Risotto with Crunchy Parmesan for years and it never ceases to amaze me with its smooth texture and powerful flavor. It is a recipe to fall in love, perfect for a romantic Valentine's lunch or dinner.

Without a doubt, its beautiful color and the aniseed touches that black garlic provides make this recipe a sure value. It is also quite easy to prepare this risotto with the tips that you will find in the recipe.

Complete recipe | Black garlic risotto

F) Desserts of scandal

17. Croquembuche

You already know that this wonderful dessert is one of the most laborious sweet recipes in the world and as you can see, my dear colleague Esther prepared it in a formidable way, indicating the proportions according to the number of diners for those who are going to prepare it.

In a great, well-detailed step by step, it explains how to make each of the elements that make up this artistic dessert. As he tells us, with him you will get that your diners will be left with their mouths open in amazement when they see your pyramid of profiteroles and caramel placed on the table, because there is no denying that it is a spectacular dessert and a feast for the eyes and the taste.

Complete recipe | Croquembuche

18. Cold chocolate cake and Greek yogurt

It is an easy dessert recipe, one of those that is not lazy to prepare. As Philippe tells us in its preparation, This cold chocolate and Greek yogurt cake is really delicious and fresh since you can keep it in the refrigerator and eat it cold. I recommend serving it with vanilla ice cream as well as a glass of cold dry sparkling wine.

A perfect proposal for these days with a heat wave in which we want refreshing desserts but that are not too heavy and that you will surely love to make at home.

Complete recipe | Cold Chocolate Greek Yogurt Cake

19. Coulant cheese cake

This recipe for Cheesecake that melts when cut by Carmen Tia Alia is another of María Llanos's favorites, and it's a recipe from Clara from MasterChef. According to Carmen, it is fragile and requires care when unmolding the cake, the best way to do this is to run a blunt knife between the cake and the mold so that it separates from the walls.

We love cheesecakes or cheesecakes and without a doubt this coulant style that we show you is a spectacular recipe that remains a scandal. Do not worry about its conservation because as you start it, you are going to finish it.

Complete recipe | Coulant-style cheesecake

20. Chocolate cake with only three ingredients for chocoaddicts

Liliana tells us that this cake only has one secret in its preparation: It has no other trick than the quality of its ingredients. Good, high-quality dark chocolate pays off.

Without a doubt, all lovers of the intense flavor of cocoa will enjoy this simple recipe that will please the palate of every chocoadicte, and also without great complications because it is ready in about 30 minutes.

Complete recipe | Chocolate cake with only three ingredients

21. Grandma's cake

It reminds many of us of those homemade cakes that they prepared for us when it was our birthday and they let us help place the cookies so that they were in straight rows. The recipe for Grandma's cake with cookies and chocolate is almost a classic in our lives.

According to María José, the author of this delicious cake, At home we all liked it very much, I have never seen my two year old nephew finish his plate so quickly. It is also very easy to prepare and hardly anything gets dirty. You already know what to do to give joy to the next birthday boy in your family.

Complete recipe | Grandma cake

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