21 vegetarian recipes (or seven days of meatless lunches and dinners) for "World Meatless Week 2019"


Today starts the second edition of the World Meat Free Week 2019, a celebration promoted by the World Meat Free Week organization, with the aim of raising awareness among the world population about the benefits of reducing meat consumption in favor of the environment and resources natural, publicize the positive effects it has in reducing the release of gases that promote warming, or improving human health, among other issues.

The World Meat Free Week asks everyone to participate in this event in the way that each one considers appropriate, either by eliminating meat consumption throughout the week or simply by reducing it. To make it easier to stay committed, here are 21 vegetarian recipes or seven days of meatless lunch and dinner.

If you dare to participate, you can register with your email (it will be deleted once the participation has been counted) on the World Meat Free Week website, so you can confirm the true impact of the campaign. Be that as it may, we encourage you to take a walk through their website, where you will find more meatless recipes, various testimonials and much more information.


  • Food: Roasted avocados with mozzarella and rice noodles with tofu and pepper stir fry.
  • Dinner: Vegetable burritos.

Pasta with roasted vegetables and feta cheese


  • Food: Pasta with roasted vegetables and feta cheese and mini avocado and quinoa burgers.
  • Dinner: Beetroot gazpacho.


  • Food: Vegetable terrine with curry English cream and mushroom bourguignon and textured soy.
  • Dinner: Zucchini tortillas.

Baked Eggplant Meatballs


  • Food: Bimi with miso, ginger and black garlic and baked eggplant meatballs.
  • Dinner: Fennel salad, Rocha pear and goat cheese.


  • Food: Stewed vegetables without fat and tomatoes stuffed with rice, raisins and pine nuts.
  • Dinner: Spanish omelette with fried green peppers.


Tomato, mozzarella and arugula llescas


  • Food: Steamed broccoli with tahini and lemon dressing and creamy rice with aubergines.
  • Dinner: Llescas of tomato, mozzarella and arugula.


  • Lunch: Legume salad and salty tomato tart and three cheeses.
  • Dinner: Zucchini a la Provençal.

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