The 27 best restaurants with a terrace in Madrid to eat well (and fresh)


The new normal, despite hydroalcoholic masks and gels, seems to resemble the times before confinement, quarantines and COVID-19. Although it is not advisable to lower your guard, the people of Madrid have taken to the terraces and there are many restaurants that have also opted for them as a motor of change.

Which is why today we kick the streets of the capital to bring you the best terraces to eat well in Madrid and that you hit the shot depending on what you are looking for. A fun way to enjoy the capital's summer and that the death throes of June and the promising July and August leave a good taste in your mouth.


Madrid enters the Sacha Phase

Sacha's terrace was not caught by surprise by the coronavirus because it is one of the emblems of the Madrid terrace. Although the best thing here is to let yourself be guided by Sacha Hormaechea both when it comes to eating and drinking, its menu includes some landmarks that are already part of the Madrid palate.

The false crab cannelloni, the vaga omelette or the pickled oyster are flagships of his cuisine, although the off-the-menu items are also important. At its side, a magnificent winery in which to find rarities from almost any corner of the world.

Calle de Juan Hurtado de Mendoza, 11. Telephone: 913 45 59 52. Average ticket: € 45.


Do not miss our terrace We remind you that we also open indoors every day Book now 91 088 93 30 #Aarde #aardedevuelta #grupoparaguas

It is the youngest of the restaurants -and the most affordable- that Grupo El Paraguas has in Madrid and one of the most attractive on an aesthetic level, along with Amazónico. Although the greatest charm of Aarde is in its interiors, especially in the winery, its menu and its views of the terrace, with Puerta de Alcalá as a neighbor, do not detract from any photos.

The eclecticism of the menu is an advantage for those who are undecided and a good opportunity so that at the same table - and with success - pizzas such as morel; calluses; oysters with piri piri sauce, red shrimp jollof and the curious lasagna of chingulugulu, an African mushroom, which makes the Aarde experience a gastronomic journey worth discovering.

Plaza de la Independencia, 10. Telephone: 910 88 93 30. Average ticket: € 50.

Sea Wolf

Tell us how much you have missed Lobito Madrid in comments and don't miss out! Tell us how much youve missed Lobito Madrid in comments and dont forget to book #lobitodemar #madrid

Dani García's beach bar in the heart of the Salamanca district is one of the most sought-after terraces in Madrid, where you can enjoy the sailor winks of García's kitchen with this 'little brother' from the mother house in Marbella.

The menu is full of fish from Malaga and Andalusia such as snappers, urtas or borriquetes, as well as tuna from almadraba and also a lot of frying. The menu is vast, so it would take several visits to get to know it well, but if we have to summarize it, we would bet on: a fry (monkfish or sprigs), a brioche, a dish with tuna and top it off with a barbecue. All better to share, of course.

Calle de Jorge Juan, 10. Telephone: 910 88 94 40. Average ticket: € 35.


Its terrace is not a novelty, since it has always been available, but in this period it becomes even more useful and cooler than the living room. The assets of Rocacho are based on the fresh product and a minimal intervention of it on the grills.

The star of the restaurant is the beef from El Capricho, one of the most glittering steakhouses in Spain, but also turbot and hake. The rice dishes must be taken into account, dry or honeyed, and some curious starters such as the red shrimp lasagna or the cod rocks, some fluffy and light fritters dyed with the black of squid.

Calle de Padre Damián, 38. Telephone: 914 21 97 70. Average ticket: € 50.

The Well Appeared

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The benchmark of haute cuisine with Cantabrian dyes has taken advantage of this pandemic to make a well-deserved niche on Jorge Juan's sidewalk. There, José de Dios Quevedo, displays a cuisine of product and market with sailor dyes but combining it with his French culinary education.

Hake is the queen of this dance, either a la meunière or with its cocochas in green sauce. In addition to good rice dishes such as black with cachón (squid) and other classics of the Cañadío group such as Russian salad, egg and ham croquettes or squid squid.

Calle de Jorge Juan, 8. Telephone: 911 59 39 39. Average ticket: € 45.

Jorge Juan's Machine

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One of the youngest venues in a group with a lot of tradition. Here, with that Asturian essence that characterizes them, the sea takes center stage whether fresh, cooked, grilled or grilled. With this approach, it is convenient to let yourself be captivated by its selection of oysters, its crayfish and its white prawns.

There is also barbecue, both for fish and meat, and good rice dishes, making it an ideal place both to snack on something for an aperitif and to bet on a more formal meal.

Calle de Jorge Juan, 12. Telephone: 918 33 69 81. Average ticket: € 40.

Mentidero Salt and Embers

This dish sweeps our kitchen! The spicy tuna tartare with broken eggs is perfect for a main course or ... if you can share. #LasBrasas #Tuna Tart #Tuna #GrupoMentidero

Getting away from the center and disconnecting is what Grupo El Mentidero proposes for those who are in the north of the city with this Sal y Brasas, which proposes a menu that successfully fluctuates between meat and fish rocked under the same grill.

There is also room for a high-quality snack in the starters, being the roquetas de ají de gallina, the shrimp gyozas and the red shrimp tails with garlic. In the world of the main ones, we must not lose sight of the franguito (chick in Portuguese) either in the piri piri version for those who like spicy or the refreshing version of garlic and lemon.

From the sea come the dourado cod and a very good spicy tuna tartare (with fried eggs) that collects the best of the southwestern coast of the Iberian Atlantic to put on the table. All this in a relaxed and discreet atmosphere that invites you to long talks both at lunch and dinner.

Communication Round 3. Telephone: 918 696 868. Average ticket: € 40.


Iberian ham croquettes, winners of the award for the best Iberian ham croquette in the world by @madridfusion and @jamonjoselito in 2018 Classic, light, creamy, crunchy and with a lot of flavor Do you already know them. #Santerra #croquetasdesanterra #BarraFina #croquetas #barriosalamanca #instafood #eeeeats #bar #tapas #barra #foodie #foodgasm #foodgram #tasty #Madrid #Spain #chef #gourmet #RestaurantesMadrid #planesMadrid #tapas #tapeo #gastronomia #foodiesmadrid

Miguel Carretero has brought his kitchen to the streets in his two locations (the Neotaberna, in Ponzano; the fine bar, in General Pardiñas). In General Pardiñas there will be no shortage of their croquettes (elected Best Croquette of Madrid Fusion 2018), their 2.0 crab dumplings and the shepherd's ratatouille with poached egg and smoked sardines.

In Ponzano, where there will be low tables, you should take into account its salpicón of mussels, its particular version of the calamari sandwich (rejos chili peppers) and the veal pepito, which is accompanied by mayonnaise of roasted peppers and idiazábal cheese.

Both proposals are more about tapas and rations than a formal table, which is only available inside General Pardiñas, where the tasting menu and its à la carte proposal continue to be served. mountain kitchen.

Fine bar: Calle del Gral. Pardiñas, 56. Telephone: 914 01 35 80. Average ticket: € 25; NeoTaberna: Calle de Ponzano. Telephone: 919 07 04 15. Average ticket: € 20.



After being at the foot of the canyon with a successful delivery, Mario Payán, the itamae (chef) of Kappo, has decided to expand the business with a charming terrace so that his Japanese cuisine and nigiri reach a larger audience.

At the moment, they can only enjoy their usual menu formats, where the fish of the day that Mario buys becomes the protagonist, ranging from sea trout to bluefin tuna, passing through scallops, smoked eels or lemon fish. A recital at the service of the sea that makes it one of the most appreciated Japanese restaurants in the capital.

Calle de Bretón de los Herreros, 54. Telephone: 910 42 00 66. Average ticket: € 45.


On the terraces of our 8th floor you can eat with views like these. # GranVíaMadrid #AzoteaGrupo

Crowning Gran Vía, Picalagartos has become a success from its first day, where to the panoramic views that are discovered from its heights is added a gastronomic proposal that has a lot of authenticity and part of reinvention.

Leading it is Manu Berganza, who makes a commitment to the product and the traditional cookbook, adapting the presentations but without fanfare and conquering both tourists and Spanish customers. Good fish such as tempura cod and grilled monkfish coexist with selections of cheeses and sausages, as well as cold recipes such as Russian salad or salmorejo with ricotta that Spain transfer to the rest of the world.

Calle de, Gran Vía 21, 8ª y 9ª planta. Telephone: 915 30 17 61. Average ticket: € 45.


At @cachivachetaberna we are hoping that these images will be repeated in no time. Even if they change a little, we look forward to meeting you, our clients and friends who give meaning to all this. . It will be otherwise, with strict sanitary measures, but we will get used to it. . We are working hard so that this moment occurs as soon as possible with all the guarantees. We hope to give you good news and news very soon. . . #reopening #cachivachetaberna #terraceando #barriodehispanoamerica #restaurantesmadrid #foodie #instafood #food #terrazasmadrid #desescalada

In the last numbers of Calle Serrano, already reaching Príncipe de Vergara, the brothers Javier and Paco Aparicio began their capital career with Taberna Cachivache, which they later expanded with Salino and La Raquetista.

The terrace, small, serves to enjoy an affordable and traveling cuisine in which sharing is almost mandatory to enjoy the breadth of its menu. Their tuna tartare tacos, the butifarra meatballs and the wild asparagus cannelloni are well worth it.

Calle de Serrano, 221. Telephone: 917 52 41 76. Average ticket: € 28.


Our terrace is inaugurated to welcome the summer. . . . . . #restaurantesmadrid #gastronomia #estrellamichelin #restaurant #michelinstar #guiarepsol

In the quiet Paseo de Eduardo Dato, near the Plaza de Chamberí, Manuel Domínguez puts his bar menu on the terrace for another year. Not so the gastronomic menu that has earned it the Michelin star (and two Repsol suns) but an offer of snacks and tapas of the same quality.

Essential is the octopus a feira, (one of the best in Madrid), the carabinero carpaccio, accompanied by ginger and passion fruit mayonnaise or pickled mackerel, giving new life to Galician produce on a highly valued terrace.

Paseo de Eduardo Dato, 5. Telephone: 91 395 28 53. Average ticket: € 35.

Court of Lions

Ramsés.Life's little brother makes his appearance in the Plaza de la Independencia, accompanying the door of Alcalá and putting on the table good, beautiful and cheap Spanish cuisine in a unique enclave and with more affordable prices than its location could advocate.

It has the air of a cañí tavern and here croquettes, mojama and Iberian ham, tortilla and some stews such as lamb, oxtail or meatballs reign. It is a good bet for those who are looking for Spanish cuisine and a fun atmosphere, ideal for always hitting the menu and having a fun time on a busy terrace.

Calle Serrano, 1. Telephone: 651 555 000. Average ticket: € 27.

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