The 34 best gourmet gifts for a Christmas full of good food


Leaving a good taste in your mouth this Christmas is easier than ever if we forget ties, perfumes and handkerchiefs when giving jpgts. Placing yourself with an Iberico, with a panettone, with an assortment of signature nougat or with some haute cuisine canned food can tempt the palates of the most gourmets of the house.

Today, to enjoy and share, we propose a long thirty details with which to crown yourself during these holidays and hit with a jpgt that nobody would change.

From a starter with marine and Asturian touches to the unctuousness of foie, passing through the omnipresence of Iberian ham, capable of making room for impressive cheeses or gourmet pickles with Vallecan airs.

Of the land, the sea, the air and the sweet, of course. A table without nougats, chocolates and some other Christmas delicacy would not be complete, so we also added some detail to the basket so that the most sweet tooth of the house unwrap packages in a matter of seconds.

Bon Appetit and Happy Holidays!

Preserves and pickles

To open the Christmas Eve table or to present a whole detail that can serve as an aperitif at any time. Vegetables, meat and, of course, fish, the preserves arrive to give the tin and show that haute cuisine also lends itself in jars and brass.

Next to it, another jewel with Vallecano DNA such as Bombas pickles, lizards and rockets, which will delight the most gourmets with the soft vinegars and great produce of its 'skewered': tuna belly, Cantabrian anchovy, Basque piparras, fresh cod ... A treasure on each stick with which to look great at all times.

Royal Spanish Conservera

Razor clams, mussels, clams, cockles, sardines ... and everything with Galician origin is the proposal that we bring you to surprise at these festivities with high-level preserves.

A little bread, a few biscuits and good company is all you need to turn any moment into an indelible memory on the palate.

Pickled mussels 9-12 pieces Selection 1920

RRP at Bodeboca € 5.90

Natural cockles 40-50 pieces Selection 1920

RRP at Bodeboca € 8.90

Tuna belly in olive oil

RRP at Bodeboca € 9.90

Canned Güeyu Mar

We are going to Asturias to show that haute cuisine can literally be turned into preserves as shown in this grill, canned and perfect to enjoy on all kinds of occasions.

The grill is the protagonist of these preserves where smoked touches and respect for the product are noticeable in each bite. A luxury that will not fail at Christmas. Sardines, razor clams, tuna sausage ... a unique display, accompanied by packaging that is already a jpgt.

Grilled tuna morrillo from Güeyu Mar

Price at Bodeboca € 28.90

Grilled sardines Güeyu Mar

Price at Bodeboca € 10.90

Grilled cockles size L from Güeyu Mar

RRP at Bodeboca € 24.90

Canned Senra

Emulating the flavors of Sanlúcar de Barrameda at home only requires a saucepan, a little bread and 10 minuts. This is how Conservas Senra arrives, which we told you about a few weeks ago, and which you can also find in Bodeboca to solve any meal in less than a rooster crows.

Garlic prawns with chamomile from Conservas Senra

RRP at Bodeboca € 8.50

Choco with fried bread from Conservas Senra

RRP at Bodeboca € 8.50

The Cathedral of Navarra

The best of the garden turned into a gourmet product of the highest category. Open, serve and that's it, perfect to serve as hors d'oeuvres and appetizers but also to put on a little cooking.

A success without fail that brings to your table the best of Navarrese flavors and a real jpgt to look great with your most gourmet friends. Asparagus, its yolks, piquillo peppers or artichoke hearts will delight everyone who tries these irresistible bites.

Extra thick whole asparagus (9-12 fruits) from La Catedral de Navarra

PVP at Bodeboca € 12.50

Artichoke hearts (10-12 fruits) from La Catedral de Navarra

RRP at Bodeboca € 11.50

Candied piquillo peppers from La Catedral de Navarra

RRP at Bodeboca € 11.90

Bombs, Rockets and Lizards

For vermouth or a select aperitif, the pickled delicacies (soft with vinegar and of the highest quality) from Bombas, Rocket and Lizards are a temptation to rediscover the pickles.

Now they come to your house through the trade on-line, where you can enjoy its Dalí rockets, the classic Gildas, the Ventresca Lizards or the Cod Bombs.

9 Bombas de Bacalao: Green fat olive with smoked cod loin, semi-dry Italian tomato, pickled Basque piparra and sweet and sour red pepper tear.

PVP in Bombs, lizards and rockets € 18.00

8 Dalí rockets: Manzanilla Seville olive, pickled piparra, pickled anchovy, piquillo pepper, pitted black olive and cooked quail egg.

PVP in Bombs, lizards and rockets € 15.00

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