71 quick and easy dessert recipes


It is indisputable that if you have landed on this page and you are reading us it is because you like cooking. You may even be a repeat offender, subscribed to our updates and stop by regularly. We like nothing more than your visits and the fact that you love cooking, but it hits us that, like us, you also like to have easy and quick recipes on hand.

And, let's face it, love and fondness for cooking are not synonymous with slavery and hours of work and dedication. We leave that to the stars and professionals of the sector, we like (and a lot) to have things easy (although from time to time we throw the blanket to our heads) and that is why we have dedicated some time to the task of collecting 71 quick and easy dessert recipes. We know how good they are going to come for you, whatever time of year it is.

The criterion we have followed when selecting these 67 easy and quick dessert recipes is that, from the technical point of view, they should be simple to prepare and, from the point of view of time, they will not exceed 30 minutes in length. preparation. We have not counted the oven times, or rest, or freezing, since they do not involve any work for us.

Snack candy recipes

We start this compilation with a good handful of recipes for sweet snacks. Perfect for when you want a sweet in small quantity, for a sweet buffet, to accompany coffee, to eat with your fingers, for countless occasions.

We find them with citrus touches in the orange and basil snacks and the lemon snacks. Although the undisputed kings of the section are the chocolate ones, type truffles, among which the chocolate balls with apricot and orange and the cava and raspberry truffles have stolen our hearts ... and our stomachs! We leave you the complete recipe for the latter that, despite being designed for Valentine's Day, are great for any festive celebration.

Cava and raspberry truffles


For 12 units
  • Dark chocolate 70% cocoa 100 g
  • Liquid cream 80 ml
  • Digging 30 ml
  • Icing sugar 25 g
  • Butter 5 g
  • Dehydrated raspberries 25 g
  • Pure cocoa powder

How to make Cava and Raspberry Truffles

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 15 m
  • Elaboration 15 m
  • Repose 1 hour

Heat the cream together with the sugar until it boils. In a bowl we chop the chocolate and pour the hot cream on top while we stir with a few rods so that the chocolate is completely dissolved. We add the butter and the cava we mix completely. Pour the mixture into a tray, add the raspberry, stir and refrigerate until the dough has hardened (the thinner the surface, the sooner it cools). Once we have the curd dough, we make balls of the same size with a spoon and shape the perfect ball with our hands, taking care not to give the dough too much heat. Finally, we coat each truffle in whatever we prefer: cocoa powder, shavings, anise balls, etc. Refrigerate until the moment of drinking in an airtight container or tunnel so that the chocolate does not get wet.

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