Christmas fir of blackberries and currants. Recipe


If there is a common symbol of Christmas in most countries, it is the Christmas tree, adorned with balls and stars. Well, in the middle of the season we have prepared this dessert, which can top off your family celebrations, or serve for snacks and breakfasts. We hope you like our blackberry and currant Christmas fir recipe.

Although it is somewhat laborious to prepare, this recipe is not particularly difficult, and it can be fun to make it with the help of the little ones in the house, who can participate in its decoration or filling. Just seeing their happy faces will make up for the task of putting the puff pastry to work.

Ingredients for 6 trees

  • A sheet of puff pastry, 1 egg, blackberry jam (it can be made from any other red fruit), some currants, star anise, chocolate nougat and icing sugar.

How to Make a Blackberry and Gooseberry Christmas Fir Tree

We start with the puff pastry, to which we will mark some diamonds, with a sharp knife. Once the rhombuses are separated, we will make fringe-shaped cuts, from the middle of the rhombus down, leaving a triangle at the top, from which the fringes hang.

With the excess cuts from the puff pastry sheet, we will cut some strips, which will serve to reinforce the triangle and thus we can fill it later. To glue the cutouts to the triangle, we will use beaten egg. In each triangle we put the filling, two teaspoons of blackberry jam, and then, fringe by fringe, we are closing our Christmas fir tree.

After painting them with the rest of the beaten egg, we put them in the oven at 190º, using heat up and down, and bake it until it is golden brown, approximately 10 or 12 minutes. Once cold, we can finish the dessert, decorating our fir tree with currant balls, an anise star and a log of chocolate nougat. Sprinkle with icing sugar for a snowy effect.

Processing time | 50 minutes Difficulty | Half


Blackberry and currant Christmas fir trees can be enjoyed both cold, fresh out of the refrigerator, and at room temperature. What is certain is that this Christmas dessert, both cold and warm, will surprise everyone, when we bring it to the table. You will see in their faces.

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