Finish the year having pancakes for breakfast with this Orbegozo CM 2360 crepe maker that we find on sale today on Amazon


Ending the year giving yourself a treat is always a wonderful idea, but this 2020 is almost an obligation and something as simple as preparing delicious crepes for breakfast can brighten up the rest of the day.

Salty or sweet, to suit each one, the important thing is that the crepe is juicy and does not break, so you have to use the right tool, like this Orbegozo crepe maker that we find at a minimum price on Amazon and that you can receive at home before December 30 (to start the year with a luxurious breakfast).

It is the CM 2360 model that, thanks to its non-stick surface of 30 cm in diameter and that we can choose the temperature level that adapts to the recipe, allows us to make not only crepes, but also pancakes, omelettes and grilled eggs.

Its round design with raised edge prevents the dough from dripping and gives our pancake or crepe the perfect rounded shape. In addition, for 26.50 21.01 euros. includes the dough spreader to create fine crepes and a wooden spatula.

Orbegozo CM 2360 - Electric crepe maker, 30 cm diameter non-stick surface, adjustable temperature, 1000 W of power

PVP at Amazon € 21.01 PVP at PcComponentes € 21.01 PVP at Fnac € 22.78

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