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From now on user accounts are global in WeblogSL. Therefore, you can already identify yourself in all our publications with the same user account.

This means that if you register now or are already a user of Directo al Paladar, you will also be able to access this data in any blog that you see in the tab above: in Compradicción, for example, if you like "gadgets" and purchases . Or in XatakaFoto if you like the world of photography. Try and you will see how easy!

Now, if you are a user of several of our publications and you already have several different accounts, then we explain how you have to do to have a single global account and be able to access all of them.

How to associate accounts

To be able to enjoy that single global account, the first thing you should do is decide which account and data (OpenID or traditional with email and password) you want to use as the main account, to associate the secondary accounts that you have scattered throughout the other publications, as described below:

  • Access the registration / login page from the top right of the publication by clicking "Enter".
  • Identify yourself in the name-of-blog with the data of the account that you want to use as the main and only one for the rest of the publications of Weblogs SL, be it traditional with e-mail and password or OpenID, and press the "Enter" button.
  • Now access your user page from the top right of the publication and click on the "Associate an account" button below the description.
  • Enter the URL / OpenID user or e-mail of the traditional account that you want to associate with the account selected as the main and only account, click on the "Associate an account" button and identify yourself with that secondary account so that we can confirm that it is yours. and you can complete the grouping.
  • Before confirming the association, we will explain the consequences of the grouping of accounts, offering you the possibility to decide the username, full name, avatar and description that you want to keep in case they are different, and preselecting by default those of the main account. Comments on posts, votes for posts and comments, lists of experts and followers of the secondary account will also be grouped to the main account, which will take the highest karma between the 2 accounts (even if the karma of the secondary account is higher than the main account).
  • Finally, you must confirm the grouping and association of the secondary account to that main account that you will use as the single global account for all Weblogs SL publications.

It is important to bear in mind that, although the access account will be unique and global for all our publications, the user pages will continue to be individual (I will see the name-blog in that-name-blog and the name-another-blog I'll see it in that-name-another-blog) so it is convenient to complete the grouping and association of accounts also in the rest of the publications in which we already have an account to preserve our activity history.

We encourage you to try how the global single account works in other WeblogSL publications, for example, in these two that have recently jumped to the network: Noctamine or Daily Savings.

Enjoy it!

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