Chili with chochos

I love to walk through the markets of the cities I visit. Whether on the street or inside premises, permanent or newspapers, luxurious and cosmopolitan or humble and local, all of them give me satisfaction.

So far, everything normal, many of you will agree with me that a good walk through the markets will give us essential information to know how that town, that city, that country lives.

But I even like to walk around the supermarkets.

Call me freaky.

I always find something that catches my attention: a new product, fresh product offers, curious packaging, product lines.

And it is in this last category that for some time now lines of products of Latin American origin can be found in almost all supermarkets. Guava and mango sweets, chili or chili sauces, native carbonated drinks, local beers ...

All this, I suppose, destined to the emigrant population originating in those countries. And I say I guess, because even though I like to try everything, how many of you, if you read me from Spain, are going to try this Ají con Chochos?

I've done it, and it's very good ...

Ahh, by the way, the chochos are lupins.

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