Alexander Schmitt at Vinoble 2008 in Jerez


A few days ago we told you about some olfaction seminars for wine lovers in La Rioja given by Alexander Schmitt, a world-renowned perfumer who is now dedicated to advising on the aromas of wines.

Today at Vinoble 2008, the Jerez wine fair, Alexander Schmitt, will offer a 'olfaction' session that will allow discovering the different aromas that come off of manzanilla, fine, amontillados, odorous, palo cut or Pedro Ximénez, dismantling this form some topics and illuminate new sensations. The olfaction seminars are a new tool available to professionals in the world of wine who want to improve their knowledge of sensory analysis or tasting.

Schmitt, creator of some of the best-known perfumes and who has recently adapted his olfactory knowledge to the world of wine, will explain 'if the fines and chamomile really smell of yeast, chamomile and bakery, if the aromas of the odorous ones are those of the leather or truffle, or those of the Pedro Ximénez family are raisins, figs and dates. '

Alexander Schmitt has become a revolutionary in wine culture. It is able to accurately identify around 1,200 aromas, whereas a 'normal nose' does not exceed 200, after having received training in this regard. He currently instructs winemakers and professionals in the sector on olfaction, collaborates with the Bordeaux Faculty of Oenology and frequently gives lectures on olfaction, wine and perfumery in different countries of the world.

But this is not the only event that will take place within the framework of the celebration of Vinoble 2008. Jerez: the oldest of the place is the title of an experience that will give attendees the opportunity to taste exceptional old-age wines that are rare once you have access. Broths of more than 30 years (VORS), very old vintages and relics of some of the most emblematic wineries of the Denomination of Origin, 'a list of jewels that constitute the most evident demonstration that in the Marco de Jerez are the Older wines that can be drunk, and enjoyed, in the world ', they assure from the Denomination.

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