Nori seaweed, an exquisite ingredient for much more than sushi


The consumption of seaweed is increasing more every day, just a few days ago my colleagues Velsid even commented on it in a note about the growth of seaweed consumption and the impulse that famous chefs have given to this trend.

One of the varieties that are widely consumed today is nori seaweed, known above all for its use in making sushi. For consumption, we find them in stores and markets in the form of sheets, as if they were sheets of paper.

And about nori seaweed I have read an interesting article in the New York Times, in relation to how today they are being used in preparations that go beyond sushi and are considered an ingredient that brings an original touch to dishes created with a lot of imagination.

The note refers to trends in the use of this ingredient in the United States and to cite a few examples it speaks of a restaurant in Los Angeles (Sona) where the chef makes a puree with nori seaweed, mirin and rice vinegar to accompany a fish. In the Sumile Sushi restaurant in New York, apart from sushi they use them in a plate of pork ribs where they are mixed with cider and apples. And in Atlanta at the Buckhead restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton hotel they use them for a nori and truffle risotto.

It has particularly caught my attention, one of the uses that chef Rick Moonen from the RM Seafood restaurant in Las Vegas gives it, infusing creme anglaise with seaweed to make an ice cream that he then wraps in a piece of seaweed simulating a maki roll.

The article also talks about the fact that nori seaweed can be found with different degrees of quality. Among the lowest quality and cheapest, those produced in China and Korea and among the best those cultivated and produced in Ariake Bay, on Kyushu Island in Japan.

I found the article very interesting because the truth is I confess that although I love sushi, including maki rolls, I had not imagined the range of possibilities that nori seaweed could offer as an ingredient in other dishes, so we will have to to experience.

Via | Slashfood More information | The New York Times

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