Some strange restaurants that can be visited in Asia

Our travel companions have published a note with a selection of strange restaurants that can be visited in the Asian continent, which stand out for how eccentric they can be for us.

The restaurants are:

D.S. Music: a restaurant-bar in Taipei, decorated as if it were a hospital, where among other things they fill your glasses with bottles of serum that hang from the ceiling. I suppose that in the same vein of The Clinic restaurant in Singapore that En Directo al Paladar was already talked about sometime. Also on the list is the Aurum in Singapore, where diners' chairs are wheelchairs.

Apparently in Asia they like the feeling of eating behind bars and among the restaurants they include in the note are The Jail in Taipei where the tables are surrounded by bars and where they serve you dishes in a potty. Also in the same theme is Zen Cool in Beijing, its decoration includes doors and windows with steel bars, chains instead of curtains and the employees are dressed in prison suits.

There is also The Marton in Taipei, a restaurant set like a lavatory. And the selection ends with Cabbage and Condom in Bangkok where the central decorative element is condoms.

The truth is that definitely in none of them do I feel like having even a Coca-Cola, but if someone knows one, tell us about their experience ...

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