Some Amazing Cooking Tricks You May Not Know

The ingenuity of the human being seems to have no limits, and of course, if it is expressed regularly anywhere, it is in the world of cooking. Just today I was watching the news when I saw a news story about an Italian cook who had published a book of recipes to make, in the dishwasher! Amazing. That's where the idea came from to share with you some of the most amazing cooking tricks I've come across lately.

Hyperdecantation. Tim Ferriss's trick to taste wine

It seems that to be able to taste a good wine in all its splendor it is necessary to air it. I already mentioned that with this wine, there may be some fraud on the subject of tastings. In this case, Tim Ferriss proposes the technique of hyperdecantation. It consists of pouring the wine into a container and shaking it so that it aerates more quickly. I've tried it and gave it to a friend to try, but none of us were able to detect the difference. Of course, this next Christmas you can stay with everyone. Tim himself tells you in this video:

How to open a bottle of wine with a shoe

We continue with the wine. We have talked about this trick for a long time, but it can be very useful to remember it to keep it in mind for the Christmas holidays. I would first try a bottle of cheap wine. It involves putting the bottom of the bottle on the heel of a shoe and hitting it against the wall. You can see the technique in this video:

By the way, a few days ago a friend asked us on Whatssup how he could open a bottle without a corkscrew, I gave him this video, and he succeeded.

Peeling bananas, mono style

We all peel the bananas trying to break the longest part of it. The part where the banana is attached to the bunch. And surely many times, you will also have had to resort to a knife to break it. Well, what if I told you that the simplest way to peel a banana is from the other side like monkeys do? Yes, instead of starting with the elongated tip, you can start at the other end, the blunt part, you will see that it is easier. I leave you the video so that you can check it yourself:

Separate the yolks from the egg white with a plastic bottle

I saw this trick on the internet a long time ago and decided to try it myself. The truth is that it works very well, although in practice I always end up using the traditional method, because I don't always have access to a plastic bottle. I also do it sometimes, using a spoon. The best thing is for you to see for yourself how I did it:

Leave the Thermomix spotless in 1 minute

If you have Thermomix and you don't know it, you are going to love this trick. The most complicated part of this robot, like almost everything in the kitchen, is cleaning. In your case, food easily sticks to the blades and costs more to clean. Well, add a few drops of detergent and two or three fingers of water. Close the glass, and give the turbo 2 or 3 times, waiting about 10 seconds each time. All the remains will have come off and the soap will have managed to detach the remains. As a bonus, if you want it to be immediately dry, put a kitchen towel in the glass, close it, turn to the left and spoon speed, and in 20 seconds you will have the thermo perfectly dry.

Cooking with the dishwasher

And of course, the trick with which today's post began. Cook with the dishwasher. As discussed in the RTVE video, it is more of a cooking technique and you have to use hermetic containers. This I have not tried but I will do it for sure and I will tell you how. It's a way to take advantage of when you don't have a full dishwasher, but you need to put it on. You make yourself food, wash your dishes, and save some energy.

How many of these tricks did you know? Have you already tried any of this list? What other curious tricks do you know?

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