Alícia, the Fundació Alimentació i Ciència, endorsed by the great chefs


Next October, the new headquarters of the Fundació ALImentació i CiènCIA (Alícia) will be inaugurated in the municipality of Sant Fruitós del Bages, located in the Catalan region of Bages. This is a project that will be dedicated exclusively to gastronomic research and the dissemination of healthy and appropriate eating habits.

The new headquarters has been endorsed and supported by a large number of prestigious chefs, Carmen Ruscalleda, Joan Roca or Ramón Freixa among others, they came to the new headquarters to offer their support to a great project that aims to be the world forefront of food to through research. Ferrán Adrià is one of the main advisers and president of the advisory council of this entity, which gives the center greater prestige. In the new center, in addition to the collaboration of the great chefs, there will also be the advice and collaboration of prestigious experts, computer scientists, nutritionists, doctors, agronomists, a whole series of professionals dedicated to researching gastronomy in all its fields.

Research and dissemination, Alícia aims to be a means through which it is possible to avoid current health problems related to food, mainly those caused by bad eating habits and betting on promoting a healthy diet. Another objective of the new center is to improve the living conditions of those who eat specifically, such as celiacs, diabetics, etc.

What Alícia represents can be summarized as follows: “An idea, a heritage, a need, a purpose and the best professionals. Ingredients of a tasty, consistent, rational and well presented dish. "The path to reach the world gastronomic vanguard is hard and difficult, but it is more to stay at the top, this new center will help Spanish gastronomy and chefs stay in the highest.

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