The foods you should avoid in your diet if you want to protect the health of your bones

To contribute to the development and maintenance of healthy bones, it is not only necessary to include calcium and other important nutrients, but also to reduce others that can be harmful. Therefore, we show you the foods that you should avoid in your diet if you want to protect the health of your bones.

Industrial bakery

Industrial pastries are one of the many ultra-processed products of poor nutritional quality that primarily offer refined flours and added sugars.

They can also be a source of trans fats, but refined flours and simple sugars have been associated with poorer bone health because bone density decreases as blood glucose levels rise.

Therefore, it is advisable to reduce its consumption and instead go to homemade options without added sugar inside.

Commercial snacks

Potato chips, fried corn snacks and others are usually a source of refined flours and can have a high sodium intake inside them, which in excess can cause a greater loss of calcium in the urine.

Greater excretion of sodium is associated with loss of bone mass due in large part to the fact that sodium in high proportions reduces the retention of calcium in the body.

Cold cuts and sausages

Like what we said before, the excess sodium that cold cuts and sausages can contain can harm bone health.

Likewise, these types of products may also contain added sugars or starches, which, as we mentioned at the beginning, are also linked to lower bone health.


The vast majority of soft drinks, but especially those of the cola type, have high proportions of phosphoric acid or phosphates that compete with calcium to be absorbed.

Thus, in large quantities they can reduce calcium in the body and thus harm bone health.

If we also consider that they can be a source of free or added sugars and sodium, sugary or light soft drinks are never recommended in the framework of a healthy diet that seeks to protect the bones.

Excess tea or coffee

Tea and coffee can be infusions with positive effects on our body, but their consumption in very high proportions leads to an excessive intake of caffeine that increases the urinary excretion of calcium.

Thus, especially if we do not ingest appropriate levels of calcium, the consumption of tea and coffee in large quantities is not recommended or we recommend opting for decaffeinated infusions instead.

Egg white and excess meat

A considerable increase in dietary protein has been associated with greater urinary calcium excretion, which can negatively affect bone mineral density.

However, not all proteins are the same, but those of meats and the easily assimilated egg white would be the most harmful in this regard, therefore, although we can continue with their intake, it is advisable not to fall into excesses.

To take care of the health of the bones, it is not only necessary to include calcium, potassium and other quality nutrients but also to moderate the consumption of others such as those present in these foods that can harm them.

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