Amazon Prime Day 2020: eight good kitchen gifts for Christmas that you can buy today from 10 to 60 euros


Perhaps it is a bit early to think about Christmas, but nougats have already arrived in supermarkets and nobody has been surprised. Although, for some time now, Black Friday has become the star day in which to anticipate Christmas jpgts, the Amazon Prime Day discounts are equal (or better) and can help us to advance purchases.

We have already told you which are the best deals on electrical appliances and kitchen robots, as well as kitchenware, pans and pots with which to renew our basic tools, but Amazon Prime Day is also full of cheap jpgts, with which to surprise your loved ones next christmas.

Get ahead of the invisible friend with these eight jpgts that range from 10 to 60 euros and, for sure, they will get you out of a hurry when Christmas arrives.

1. A smoker

This Lacor smoker is designed to give a final touch of smoke to the dishes, to which it provides special and personalized aromas. Although it is designed for professionals, to present and finish dishes in front of the client, it is the ideal gadget for those who love cooking. Includes a set of replacement filters and a bag of olive sawdust. Offer price: € 33.89 € 25.29.

Lacor 69221 - Magic food smoker

RRP at Amazon € 25.29

2. Some molds to make popsicles

These silicone molds are ideal for making homemade ice cream. As they are stackable, they take up very little space and include a book with easy recipes, also lactose-free and gluten-free. Offer price: € 16.95 € 9.99.

Lékué Mini Stackable Polo 10.5 cm, 4 Units, Multicolor Assortment, Silicone

Price at Amazon € 9.99 Price at El Corte Inglés € 16.95

3. The Ferrari of mortars

Mortars survive as witnesses to the most traditional and homely, artisanal and somewhat rustic cuisine, but they are essential to make some of our most beloved recipes. Any hobbyist in the kitchen will appreciate having a design mortar like this one, from the prestigious Zwilling house, made of granite and with a non-slip base. Offer price: € 51.95 € 29.99.

Zwilling - Mortar with Granite and Stainless Steel Hand, 15 x 15 x10 cm

RRP at Amazon € 29.99 PVP at El Corte Inglés € 42.95

4. A kit to make beer

The ideal jpgt for beer lovers, which will allow your brother-in-law to make 5 liters of beer and feel like a true brewmaster. The kit has everything you need to make a true Pale Ale. a beer with an intense amber color and white foam. A Quimicefa of beer that is at a ridiculous price of € 54.90 € 33.70.

#Cervezanía - Pale Ale Blonde Beer Brewing Kit | 5 liters beer at home | Fresh hops

RRP on Amazon € 33.70

5. Some pineapple-shaped cocktail glasses

These two cups from the Buddy's Bar brand, shaped like a pineapple, are designed to serve the cocktail known as Moscow Mule (literally, "Moscow Mule"). This cocktail, made with vodka, ginger beer, lime and mint, is very popular in the US, and is always served in these cups that are, in any case, ideal for serving any type of drink. Offer price: € 26.99 € 20.24.

Buddy´s Bar - 2 Moscow Mule Mugs, 500 ml, Stainless Steel Mug Pineapple structure, Cocktail Mug Incl. Gift Box, Set of 2, Antique Copper

RRP at Amazon € 20.24

6. A sandwich maker

The sandwich maker is an appliance that, not because of old age, we still love it. And is that who can resist a sandwich with melted cheese and well sealed? This Aigostar sandwich maker also allows you to cook waffles and use the sandwich maker as a grill, so it is a very useful device for preparing aid dinners. Offer price: € 37.99 € 27.59.

Aigostar Rubik 30JVU - 750w Sandwich Maker 3 in 1: Electric Sandwich Maker, Grill and Waffle Maker. Removable, Non-stick and Interchangeable Plates. Light Indicator Pilot, Thermostat.

RRP at Amazon € 27.59

7. A deep fryer without oil

The fashionable appliance at an unbeatable price. This 1500 W Princess model is ideal for cooking un-fried potatoes, but also chicken or fish, which work surprisingly well in this kind of mini-ovens that are undoubtedly the gadget of the season. Offer price: € 79.99 € 57.90.

Princess 182020 Aerofryer XL - Air Fryer, Digital Touch Control Panel, Easy to Clean, 1500 W, 3.2 liters

RRP on Amazon € 57.90

8. An espresso machine

An espresso machine is the ideal appliance for coffee lovers and, although they are usually quite expensive, they are very affordable models. This is the case of the Cafelizzia 790 model from Cecotec, ideal for couples, since it can prepare two coffees at the same time. It has a power of 1350 W and a pressure pump of 20 bars (the parameter that really matters in coffee machines), which is not bad at all for what it costs. Offer price: € 99.90 € 59.99.

Cecotec Coffee Maker Express Cafelizzia 790 Steel Pro. Stainless Steel, Thermoblock System, 20 Bars, Auto Mode 1 and 2 Cafes, Adjustable Steamer, Water Pipe for Infusions

RRP on Amazon € 59.99

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