Early EVOOs: what are they and how to get the most out of them?


Early EVOOs, also called Premium or Gourmet, are high-end extra virgin olive oils. They are extracted from the selection of the best green or "envero" olives, bringing the harvest forward to October and early November. To guarantee the highest quality, the olives are pampered from their harvest until they arrive at the mill.

The olives are crushed cold and just a few hours after being harvested. As there is no storage, there is no room for the fruit to spoil by fermentation. This makes the oils obtained intense in aromas and flavors, balanced and very unique. A pleasure for the senses and a guarantee of health for the body.

Quality over quantity

The olive grove sector is evolving by leaps and bounds and there are already many producers who strongly bet on early EVOOs of which we could say that they are, if we compare them with the motor sector, the Ferraris of EVOOs. Efforts to improve can even be seen in the designs of its packaging that leave no one indifferent.

Quality over quantity is the motorcycle that drives this industry, which is currently in full swing. To obtain a liter of oil, you need more green olives than ripe olives, since the former yields less. But nevertheless, the juice obtained has greater organoleptic qualities and is healthier and more nutritious.

Optimum consumption moment

Contrary to what generally happens with wines, the best time to taste the oil is freshly bottled. Freshness is what prevails, so the optimal time to consume all EVOO is when the olive juice is freshly squeezed. However, if we keep them in adequate conditions, we will be able to extend the expiration of our EVOOs.

Get the most out of your kitchen

To get the most out of EVOOs early in the kitchen, without altering their organileptic qualities, it is best not to apply heat above 60ºC. These oils are more suitable for use in cold or low temperatures: salads, gazpachos and cold soups, sauces, emulsions are, among others, the most suitable uses.

Likewise, finishing elaborations such as legume stews, for example with early EVOOs is a success. Adding a splash of this liquid gold, outside of the fire and just before serving, adds power of flavor to many dishes by intensifying the qualities of these oils due to the effect of heat, always controlled (50-60ºC).

Recommended recipes with early EVOOs

After telling you about early EVOOs, their high quality, their qualities, their optimal time of consumption and how to get the most out of it in the kitchen, we cannot miss the opportunity to include our recipe recommendations in which Early EVOOs will look like real stars.

  • Scallop carpaccio with citrus
  • Baked sea bream on a bed of potatoes
  • Cod brandade with goat curd
  • Octopus in vinaigrette
  • Goat cheese and pine nut salad with honey and mustard
  • Lentil salad with mustard vinaigrette
  • Quail confit in EVOO with African pepper
  • Beef carpaccio rolls with arugula and dates
  • Roast chicken with shallots, mushrooms and grapes
  • Milk and oil muffins
  • Lemon sponge cake with Arbequina oil and thyme
  • Madeleines of orange blossom and olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil in general, and early EVOO in particular, is a fundamental ingredient of the Mediterranean diet. Part of our culture for centuries, it is one of the star products of my kitchen that, once tasted, prevents me from looking back. It is irreplaceable for me by no other, and you?

Image | Gabriele Cantini on Flickr
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