Arepas Reina Pepiada: typical Venezuelan recipe with a delicious chicken and avocado filling

So many years seeing the typical package of precooked corn flour in the supermarket, and I still had not dared to make arepas at home. Big mistake: the dough of these pancakes is tremendously simple and they can give a lot of play when serving them. The Queen Pepiada filling is one of the most traditional in Venezuela, and perfect for taking advantage of chicken leftovers.

The original recipe of Queen Pepiada is said to have been named after Susana Duijim, the first Venezuelan to win the title of Miss World in 1955. There are different variations of the preparation, but the base is the combination of chicken. and avocado, tied with a bit of mayonnaise to create a creamy filling that won't break down. Other ingredients can be incorporated to make them tastier and play with the texture to personal taste.


For 8 units
  • White precooked corn flour 300 g
  • Water 480 g
  • Salt 2 g
  • Roasted chicken breast 1
  • Ripe avocado 1
  • Purple Onion 0.5
  • Garlic clove 1
  • Mayonnaise 30 ml
  • Lemon or lime juice
  • Ground black pepper
  • Fresh parsley or coriander (optional)
  • Tomato (optional)

How to make Venezuelan arepas

Difficulty: easy
  • Total time 30 m
  • Elaboration 10 m
  • Cooking 20 m
  • Repose 10 m

To make the dough, arrange the precooked cornmeal in a bowl and mix with the salt. Form a hole and pour the water, mixing little by little. Work the dough with your hands until it is well hydrated and is smooth and homogeneous. It should be moist but not sticky. Correct flour or water if necessary.

Cover and let stand 10 minutes. Prepare a frying pan or griddle with a little oil. Divide the dough into 6-8 servings, depending on the desired size, trying to make them more or less the same.

Form uniform balls with your hands -we can grease them with oil slightly to make it easier- and flatten gently. They should be like pancakes, with a finger thick, about 1.5 cm. They also don't have to be perfect.

Heat the pan and cook the arepas for about 8-10 minutes over medium heat on each side, leaving them to brown well. The only difficulty is that they are not raw inside; we can finish cooking them in the oven at 180ºC for about 10 minutes.

To make the filling, chop or fray the chicken, to taste.Combine with the meat of the mashed avocado, the pressed garlic clove, the chopped onion and a little chopped parsley or coriander. Season and season with lemon or lime juice. Add mayonnaise and mix until you have the desired consistency.

To serve, open each arepa in half - without separating the two halves - using a good serrated knife. Fill with the chicken salad mixture trying not to break them.

With what to accompany the arepas reina pepiada

The arepas with Queen Pepiada filling are a very complete snack perfect to share at home in an informal dinner, or to take from lunch to take outdoors. Many people take them in the morning, as breakfast, although they seem more suitable for a brunch or mid-morning lunch. With a light salad or some more snacks we will have a complete menu.

You can also use firmer avocado by adding it in whole pieces, or removing the garlic. Instead of purple onion you can use white, or you can sauté or cook first. I like to add tomato slices to the arepas and some people prefer to incorporate cheese or hot sauce. Everything is a matter of taste.

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