Arola Vintetres in São Paulo of Brazil


Sergi Arola has to be very happy these days. On November 6, in a couple of days, he will open a new restaurant that will be managed by him. Well, no news so far. The novelty is that he is the first Chef with Michelin stars to jump the pond, since the restaurant is the Arola-Vintetres of the Tivoli São Paulo – Mofarrej Hotel.

The name of the restaurant comes from the chef's surname, as in other cases, and from a very peculiar characteristic of the restaurant, which is that it is located on the 23rd floor of the hotel.

The gastronomic offer of the restaurant will combine the Brazilian recipe book with Mediterranean and Catalan touches from Sergi Arola's cuisine. The Executive Chef of the restaurant in this way is Fábio Andrade after spending six years of experience working hand in hand with Sergi Arola and in the last stage of the Arola Gastro, Arola's flagship.

With a menu of just over 30 dishes and tapas, the new Arola-Vintetres was born with serious aspirations to become a gastronomic benchmark in Brazil and Latin America. So from here, good luck to the chef in his new journey.

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