Soupy rice with carabineros, the best recipe to make your loved ones fall in love


I have always thought that it is possible to fall in love through the stomach, and without a doubt this rice with carabineros can contribute to that mission. The truth is that I have been with the blonde but with traditional dishes like this, -reserved for special occasions for the price of this seafood-, I renew our affection whenever I can.

Jokes aside, it is a delicious dish and very easy to make like all soupy rice dishes and I recommend you try it when you have the chance. Although the large shrimp are expensive, the medium-sized ones, and more if they are frozen, are at very affordable prices to make a dish as tasty as this one.


For 2 persons
  • Carabineros (shellfish) of medium or small size, 8 units or in grams 250
  • Round rice 180 g
  • Homemade Sofrito (tablespoons) 2
  • Saffron a few strands

How to make rice with carabineros

Difficulty: Medium
  • Total time 32 m
  • Elaboration 15 m
  • Cooking 17 m
  • Repose 3 m

We started by peeling four or five carabineros and peeling the other four but leaving their heads. With the peelings of the carabineros we will make a broth that will help us to add an extra flavor to our soupy rice.

In the paella, we put two or three tablespoons of our homemade sauce made with tomato, pepper, ñoras and well-poached leek and we add the juices from the heads of the carabineros that we have peeled, pressing so that they come out well. Then we add those empty heads to the saucepan where we are making the broth.

Mix the sauce well with the carabinero juices and add the rice, stirring well to impregnate and distribute the substance as seen in the collage below. Then we add the broth, measuring four times the volume of rice and cook for 5 minutes over high heat and another 10 over medium heat.

We finish by placing the four carabinieri with heads forming a cross and the peeled ones in the holes or rooms and after two more minutes we turn off the heat and let it rest for three minutes before bringing it to the table. Here the rest is short so that our rice is sufficiently soupy.

With what to accompany the rice with carabineros

As the rice with carabineros is a very satisfying dish, we recommend serving a light appetizer and finishing with a cool dessert such as the cold raspberry souffle, which is very light and very attractive, as you can see in this simple recipe.

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