Arzak bets on fast but healthy food


Arzak is in fashion lately, although to be honest I think it has never stopped being so. Lately we have talked here, for example, about the presentation of his new book: Bocados, a bet on the kitchenette.

In line with this novelty "in the form of a book" Arzak today makes a statement in the newspaper 20 minutes in which he defends Fast food, qualifying, with quality. It is a discussion that comes from afar, we culturally associate the term fast food or fast food with chain-made hamburgers, when there are other interpretations of "eating fast", such as the thousand times commented tapas or pintxos. arzak, if possible, generalizes even more, considering fast food what does not stop being a complete two-course menu: "roast a meat fillet and use the same oil from the pan to fry some vegetables in it". So any.

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