Asador Siboney: the king of the suckling pig


A few days ago I went to eat at Arévalo, in Ávila, to try the suckling pig they prepare at Asador Siboney, which is known as the king of suckling pig and after the experience, I have been very convinced.

A great raw material and good work without haste, are the two secrets of the grill master, who in addition to giving us very good food, had the detail of telling us his recipe -the secret of a perfect suckling pig- which we now share with you.

The store

The place is striking from the entrance since its owner, Javi Rodríguez is also a great Castilian cook, a great fan of antiques so the decoration of the room, instead of having the classic grill decoration, is full of sculptures, mirrors and lamps that surprise the visitor.

In the center, the reference to the wood-fired oven in which suckling pigs and suckling pigs are roasted, and behind it, the kitchen where they work conscientiously since this grill, even on a daily basis, serves more than a hundred meals, being almost impossible to attend without reservation especially on weekends.


The meal started with some delicious breaded sweetbreads, which I found incredible, crunchy, fat-free, full of flavor, and tender like few others. The other dish we shared was a black pudding scramble with straw potatoes, which was very good, although it was overshadowed by coming after the sweetbreads.

Accompanied by a splendid Toro wine, and a crunchy loaf bread with good crumbs, we did not stop long in this first part of the meal, to arrive eagerly for the delicious suckling pig that awaited us.

The suckling pig and its recipe

The suckling pig from Asador Siboney, from which they get six servings, is very good. Really very good. The meat is perfectly cooked, juicy and well seasoned. The crust, crunches easily and at the same time is not dry. The almost non-existent fat has an impressive jelly point.

As a good steakhouse, Javi Rodríguez took a plate and with it he perfectly separates the three portions on each side, one corresponding to the hand, another to the leg and the third to the ribs. They are served accompanied by a good salad of lettuce and tomato, juicy, of the old ones.

After the enjoyment, I was able to speak with the chef who explained the secret to preparing this delicious suckling pig. A good animal, weighing 3.5 to 4 kg, that showed us inside and out so we could see both its freshness and its tenderness.

The process lasts 4 hours, of which 3 have it at 150º, in a clay fountain with a finger of water and a little salt. The last hour, turn up the power to 180º-200º to obtain the crunchiness of the crust, which it helps by varnishing the skin with a little olive oil, which causes a suffocation effect.

Although the suckling pig is so delicious, they serve it accompanied by a sauce served separately that they make with the cooking juices and some sprigs of rosemary and thyme. It does not need the sauce, because naturally it is delicious, but the sauce works well as something curious and the best thing is, it respects the flavor of the suckling pig without masking it.


To top off the meal, they offered us a cheese and walnut cake, which was good, a rice pudding, very good knit, creamy, almost Asturian, but I liked it more in its "natural" version than the other one they served, in my opinion very stale of caramel. The truffles, a bit dated in appearance, were very good on point.

The Siboney grill in Arévalo is an appetizing place to visit. The good thing is to go early to take advantage of the hours before lunch to walk through the town and walk its streets, and thus enjoy later without remorse a delicious suckling pig, which has nothing to envy to the classic Segovians.

Siboney Grill

Calle Figones, 4, next to the Plaza Mayor 05200 Arévalo (Ávila) Tel reservations 920 301 523 Average price 30-40 euros Open every day at noon

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