This is the food truck of the heir to the Italian throne: "Pasta is my number one priority"


Emanuele Filiberto de Savoya is the heir to the Italian crown and, furthermore, the proud owner of a food truck of fresh pasta that bears the name of his noble title: Prince of Venice.

Filiberto claims to be the first person in the world who has put a fresh pasta machine in a food truck. And the business, based in Los Angeles, has been a success.

"We are the reference in Los Angeles for fresh pasta," says the prince in a report for Munchies. “We have participated in many premierlike Jumanji's, and we do a lot of private parties. "

A life in exile

Emanuele Filiberto is the grandson of the last king of Italy, Humberto II, but he did not set foot in this country until he was 30 years old.

In 1947, after World War II, Italians voted in a referendum to embrace the republic, condemning at the polls the collusion of the monarchy with the fascist regime of Benito Mussolini. The royal family was forbidden to set foot in the country.

It was not until 2002 that this ban was lifted and the Prince of Venice was finally able to return to Italy. Although he was always one of the stars of gossip magazines, his fame in Italy has increased enormously in recent years. And not for political reasons.

According to a 2018 survey, only 15% of Italians define themselves as monarchists, a percentage that drops to 8% when it is specified that it will be Emanuele Filiberto who will end up sitting on the throne. But the prince is a well-known television character.

In 2009, Filiberto was the winner of the 5th Edition of Ballando with le Stelle, the Italian version of Look who is dancing! And, since then, he has done all kinds of television bowling: from presenting the Miss Italia gala to starring in an olive commercial under the slogan “feel like a king”.

Emanuele Filiberto Umberto Reza Ciro René Maria di Savoia in his 'food truck'.

From couché paper to food truck

First steps on television took the prince to Hollywood, where he met the fashion of the food trucks. And he realized that there was none of the pasta.

"I saw hamburger trucks, taco trucks, even sushi trucks," admits the prince to Gastro Obscura. "The closest thing was mac & cheese, but you can't ask an Italian to eat mac & cheese."

It was then that Filiberto decided to leave the world of celebrity, move to the United States, and dedicate himself to his fresh pasta business. "Television was good for a while, but pasta is my number one priority now," he says in Gastro Obscura.

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All of this might seem like just the eccentric idea of ​​a run-down royal, who is sure not short of money, but his dough must be really good.

Prince of Venice (that's the name of the business, in English) is on the list of the best food truck Los Angeles de Thrillist and Time Out, and the food critic from LA Times has assured that his pasta "is much better than the one found in most restaurants."

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