This is how Jordi Roca's ice creams are for 'Stranger Things': fun, geeks and extremely limited (and they will be distributed for free)

In just four days the third season of 'Stranger Things' had already smashed Netflix records, showing that its popularity is still in top form. In the style of summer blockbusters, the series delivers what it promises by squeezing the nostalgia factor, and that also works in favor of derivative products. Netflix knows this and has wanted to celebrate that success in a very sweet way, with an exclusive line of ice creams created by Jordi Roca and his wife Alejandra Rivas, also fans of the series.

In total there are five varieties that pay homage to the series by directly recreating some of its most recognizable icons, and not only in form. The collection has the character of an ephemeral event, since only about 2,600 units have been launched and will be distributed for free from tomorrow, July 11, in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​while stocks last. If they know something very well to do on Netflix, it is to raise expectations and create needs among their followers, now in the form of signature ice creams.

That the marriage in charge of Rocambolesc is a bit freaky is something that anyone could suspect, because you just have to take a quick look at their product menu and the careful aesthetics of their stores. Without going any further, the 'Dark Ice Cream' and the 'Hand' are two of his most popular creations.

But in addition to being geeks, they have recognized that they are very followers of the Netflix phenomenon-summer series, which premiered its third installment last Thursday, July 4. To promote the season -or rather to spread the rumor about it a little more-, the chain contacted the pastry chefs to offer them an exclusive collaboration to which they confess they were delighted to agree.

Because if there is a current television work that can give a lot of play when it comes to honoring it, it is without a doubt the series by the Duffer brothers. In itself, it is an excessive cocktail of references and tributes to those American eighties that remain in our collective imagination, a utopian universe that survives through cinema, video games, music, comics and television. And also the food.

The six ice creams and their references to the series

Jordi Roca says that it was not difficult to set out to sketch ideas during the creative process, although they were more or less clear about certain icons of the series that had to be included. It was not necessary to know details of the third season to repeat some of the themes and characters that are already popular television culture, but in addition to the tribute in the design, they also wanted to take great care of the inspiration through the flavors.

Ice cream 'Dustin' and 'Goffression'

You couldn't expect less from a team like Rocambolesc, where ice cream is a different and unique world, leaving no detail to chance. Thus, each product directly recreates a crucial element of the series in the shape and name, and in the choice of flavors and sensations that they evoke when tasted.

  • Goffression. The famous waffles that so much passion raised in Eleven are already linked to the essence of 'Stranger Things'. The ice cream is sandwich-cut, using mini waffles as a cookie and with a waffle cream filling.
  • Eleven's Power. The great protagonist has her tribute in an ice cream that recreates at the same time her innocent and tender side, with an exterior of dulce de leche and the interior supernatural of the cherry, which "will make you drip blood". It is the soft sweetness that also hides a dark power.
  • Icesidedown. The contrast of flavors that clashes when eating it is a direct reference to the dark universe. One side of unusual salty licorice meets the other side of creamy yogurt; because like the dark forces, it repels you and attracts you at the same time, creating an addiction from which you cannot escape.

Ice creams 'Icesidedown' and 'Minigorgon'
  • Walkikola. The walkie-talkie was a very popular object and toy in the cinema of the 80s and 90s -before mobile phones-, with a great presence in the series. Jordi's nostalgia for his own childhood has led him to reimagine the taste of Colajet, a popular ice cream of the time that is imitated here with a secret spice formula baptized as 'Rocacola'.
  • Minigorgon. The "bad guy" of the series, the monstrous creature that invades our world here takes on a somewhat kinder, caricatured form, and is dressed in the flavor of blackberry, blueberry, cherry and sour cream on the teeth.
  • Dustin. The popular character is an icon in himself with his enthusiasm, sympathy and that recognizable face, with his peculiar smile and cap. To transit that joy, the ice cream enhances the acidic citric flavors, which "force" you to smile almost without meaning to, combined with yogurt, strawberry and the touch of chocolate in your hair.

Ice creams and the nostalgia factor to drive fans crazy

Without entering the field of spoilers, a novelty that the third season has brought is the figure of that classic eighties shopping center, the Mall, with its multitude of shops, franchises and food outlets, among which ice creams are not lacking. The 'Scoops Ahoy' ice cream parlor where Steve works is introduced as a key plot setting and quickly connects with audiences, at least evoking childhood memories of summer vacation.

Jordi Roca also admits that nostalgia associated with ice creams, especially those that were shown on those mythical colorful posters that adorned beach bars, trucks, terraces and bars, with many products that have now disappeared. That is why it was also clear to him that those posters had to be recreated in his line for 'Stranger Things'. And they have not hesitated to dress the chef himself in the already so recognizable uniform of the series to promote the campaign.

Rocambolesc's ice cream collection for 'Stranger Things' is an exclusive launch as a very limited edition of about 2,600 units, totally free while supplies last. Starting tomorrow, Friday, July 11, only one unit per person can be purchased in order of arrival at the ice cream parlors in Madrid and Barcelona.

And when they are over, it's over. The signature ice creams thus become pure ephemeral art that serves to extend the conversation and the passion of the fans for a few more days for what it pretends to be the summer series, although in August we will be talking about the next one.

Photos | Marta Muñoz-Calero - Netflix - Rocambolesc

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