This is how the Hornazo de Salamanca should be made, as explained by the Guarantee Mark of this artisan product

If we think of a typical Salamanca product, many of us will choose Hornazo de Salamanca, a food that is traditionally eaten in the so-called water monday, but that we can enjoy all year round, since it is made every day in many establishments in the city.

To distinguish the authentic Hornazo de Salamanca from other similar elaborations with other fillers or techniques that do not respect tradition in its elaboration, a Guarantee Brand was created in 2014 with the name Hornazo de Salamanca, which guarantees this typical Salamanca product that can remind us to the empanada, and that it should be filled with marinated loin, ham and chorizo ​​from said Castilian city.

On a visit to La Tahona Delicatessen, one of the companies that make this product that you can taste with your hands under the certification of the Guarantee Mark, we were able to learn the secrets of making Hornazo de Salamanca, which we are telling you today so that Be clear when you feel like preparing such great food at home.

How the Hornazo de Salamanca is made

We start with the dough, one of the most important aspects of the hornazo. The composition of the dough should be made with wheat flour and a lot of butter, kneading and folding many times so that when it is baked it has a flaky texture and not a type of bread dough like pie.

Once the dough is made and after a brief rest, it is cut into rectangular portions, approximately 18x25 cm, which will serve as the base and the lid, which is later decorated with another portion of dough to make the classic lattice that identifies this dish.

On the base, which will be approximately three millimeters thick, portions of Salamanca chorizo ​​are placed, some fifteen slices of good size, distributed in the central area. The chorizo ​​is covered with six slices of marinated loin, and finally, it is covered with slices of serrano ham. For some, it is also possible to add hard-boiled egg to the filling, but the authentic hornazo, according to the Quality Mark, only has chorizo, loin and ham in the filling.

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Then it is covered with another portion of dough identical to that of the base, flattening slightly to close the edges. With a diamond roller, a lattice is made and placed on the covering, proceeding to repulgue or close the edges, characteristic of the Hornazo de Salamanca. The surface is slightly punctured to prevent it from swelling during baking in the oven.

To finish the preparation, the surface is varnished with beaten egg and then baked at 190ºC for about 35 to 40 minutes, until the Hornazo de Salamanca is well browned and crisp.

Although tradition says that you have to wait until it is cold to eat it, since it can be bad when hot, the flavors of traditional hornazo are more appreciated if you serve it at a warm temperature.

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