Asia Gallery, Asian restaurant at the Hotel Palace in Madrid

Lovers of international food know how difficult it is in our country to find a quality restaurant of each gastronomic culture, it goes without saying that of the thousands of Chinese food restaurants that exist, we can count on the fingers of one hand those that They really do offer quality cuisine.

Last week we discovered one, the Asia Gallery, a distinguished Asian restaurant located in the Hotel Palace in Madrid. There we met its creator, Roger Chen (top image), who made a mark in our country about nine years ago with Grupo Zen, which includes restaurants such as Zen Central, Zen Pozuelo, Bamboo and Asia Lounge.

The glamor begins when you have to cross La Rotonda del Palace and the exoticism appears when crossing those delicate curtains at the entrance to the restaurant. In these images you can see the careful decoration of the Asia Gallery, inspired by the Chinese salons of the 19th century, it shows off fine silks, original paintings, antique furniture of great value, etc.

It offers different heights in its dining room, with capacity for about 65 people, good lighting and the desired privacy. The service is very correct, we were able to enjoy an excellent meal in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. To start with, we taste a dish that has already anticipated the quality of the raw material, as well as its careful preparation.

This is soft shell crabs in tempura, that is, Soft Shell Crab with salt and Sechuan pepper. An exquisite bite, a perfect crunchy to wrap a very fine and tasty meat.

We continue with a Dim Sum Varied, which caused a real joy in our palate, both for textures and flavors, already corroborating our first impression.

Incredible was the Steamed wild sea bass with ginger and chives, seasoned with soy sauce in a pleasantly correct proportion, which we have rarely been able to enjoy, a recommended dish.

We continue with one of the star dishes, the Authentic Peking Style Lacquered DuckWe still salivated when we remembered it, refreshing, juicy and very tasty, with a plum sauce that further pronounced its great flavor. In addition, the assembly of the roll was done in front of us, after showing us the piece of duck, they carved it with a skill worthy of admiration.

Finally we taste a dish that we also fully enjoy, the Marinated quail sautéed with spicy chili, this delicacy was softened accompanying it with the sautéed rice that you see in the image below.

A delicious combination that already copied all the flavors of our palate, also providing the best pieces of quail for an unforgettable tasting.

We water this excellent menu with a Santa Rosa Reserva (we don't remember the vintage) from Bodegas Enrique Mendoza, D.O. Alicante. With the dessert we could no longer, but surely they would offer some oriental fruits and homemade ice cream for a good digestion.

What the photos show is nothing compared to what it can offer to those who enjoy fancy Chinese food. We recommend you try it, also at a fair price, you can choose between three tasting menus at prices ranging from 38 to 50 euros (drink not included).

More information | Westin Palace Madrid

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