We attended one of the rounds of the Diageo World Class Cocktail Competition


We already told you last year about how the finals of the World Class Competition 2013 were developed and this year we wanted to witness again such an interesting process with which to take the pulse of the mixology, a booming field, in which the Spanish bartenders are getting higher on the international scene. For this reason, on the 26th we attended one of the qualifying rounds of the Diageo Cocktail World Class Competition to see how the level was this year.

The session took place at the Gourmet Experience of El Corte Inglés in Callao where the ten participants made their classic cocktail presentations one by one in front of the pair of judges, and before the expectation of the large audience present in the space. And really, the session was worth it.

As the judges indicated at the end of the round, the talent and creativity of the participants is undeniable, highlighting the very high level of Spanish bartenders and the great future they have in this discipline both for the quality of their preparations and for their presentations. , paraphernalia and - why not say it - also for its ability to create an authentic show.

I explained to you last year that numerous aspects are scored in this type of contest, such as the quality of the cocktail, taking into account both respect for the original cocktail and possible innovations or creative capacity and variations on it. Knowledge of the premium products used in the explanations that the bartender must give about the ingredients is also important.

In this matter, the bartender client wants careful attention, expects a polite and continuous conversation, and hopes to have a good time, so the bartender's ability to express himself and his sympathy and eloquence are highly appreciated. In addition, certain theatrical jpgts to frame your presentation contribute to its success.

In this facet, the ten participants illustrated with their creativity and presentation a great creative and performance capacity, using all kinds of elements, accessories and clothing, as well as other elements suitable for the presentation of cocktails, many times made or designed by them. themselves.

From the most classic bartenders with vests and bow ties, to the James Bond tuxedo, the clothing of an Irishman recently emigrated to the United States or a clothing of the post-industrial era that reminded of the concerts of the mythical Aviator Dro or even the British Devo, anything goes to impress the jury.

Cocktails served in silver bullets, small scale piñatas that hide the "dressing" of the glass, metal plates and glasses typical of the 19th century workers or candy domes pierced at the moment to reach the cocktail were some of the strategies used by the participants in the round.

The products they used for the cocktails were premium distillates of various brands, with which the different classic cocktails or their versions were made and interpreted. Thus we saw variations on the Dry Martini, Julep, Ponche and other interesting combinations among the proposals.

After a tight vote in which the winner was decided by a margin of half a point, he won the prize and went to the next round on Silver bullet played by Andrian Sehob, who with his impeccable presentation dressed as James Bond, flavoring the drink with a water pistol and taking the gin from a block of ice that he carried in a briefcase to which he was handcuffed, conquered the jury.

Soon there will be more sessions and rounds like this in various areas of Spain, until reaching the grand final of 2014, in which we wish all the participants good luck. Definitely the world of cocktails is booming and with this type of event, it is closer to the general public.

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