Cod confit with potatoes in EVOO. Recipe

The candied in EVOO They are one of those recipes that are made on their own, they preserve all the flavor of the food to be confit, they turn out to be a healthy dish that you can keep intact, all weekend, in case surprise guests or you change plans and, after a few beers on the street, you want to find your food done. What a plan.

This recipe for confit cod with potatoes in EVOO is one of those delicacies that you can take a bite of at any time you want. To finish eating if you have tapas on the street, as an aperitif, in a light dinner accompanied by a lechuguita. Anyway, a delicatessen.

The ingredients

2 large potatoes, 4 slices of desalted cod, 1 head of garlic, EVOO until covered.

The preparation

We put the potatoes, peeled and cut into thick slices in a refracting casserole, add the whole unpeeled garlic and on top of them the cod. We cover from EVOO , cover and put in the oven, at 90º 11/2 hour. After half an hour we prick a potato that should be tender, if not, we keep it in the oven for a little longer.

. I remind you that the baking time is approximate, each oven marks its time, and each ingredient its own.

Processing time | 5 minutes
Confit time | 1 hour
Difficulty | Easy

The tasting

As I mentioned above, this recipe for confit cod with potatoes is a good idea to prepare on weekends. We must present drained and garnished with a few flakes of salt on the potatoes and garlic. We can empty the garlic, mix it with some of the oil from the confit and sauce the whole. However I prefer to eat whole garlic and have it explode in my mouth. A delight.

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