Bakery & Burger, bread and meat make good crumbs in Valencia

A few weeks ago, when I went to try the Gula restaurant in Valencia, I passed Bakery & Burger, a cafeteria patisserie that caught my attention due to the slightly French-style interior design, but above all due to the fact that in addition to bread , coffee and croissants, they also offered gourmet burgers, just as their name made them boast.

Today I had the opportunity to eat there and the truth is that I was pleasantly surprised, because I was afraid that it would be one of these places where everything is very beautiful but then everything tastes like plastic, but fortunately this was not the case .

Located on Avenida Blasco Ibañez, at the height of the Universities, Bakery & Burguer is a spacious and quite bright place thanks to large windows, although its main attraction is that decoration like a Parisian boulangerie, where you cannot miss a modern reissue of Louis XVI chairs.

Although there was a lunch menu, we opted to try the hamburgers, which is why we had gone there, but first we opted to enjoy a couple of starters to share: a Russian salad and some patatas bravas.

What a simple thing you asked for! You will be thinking, and the truth is that I feared that myself when doing it, but then it turned out that the two tapas were really good, especially the patatas bravas, which were whole small potatoes with skin, half cooked and half fried, with a brava sauce and a deliciously balanced garlic oil. I still get a kick out of remembering them.

After the entrees came the burgers. There were four of us at the table, but we only ordered three different ones: the burger of the month (Italian according to the waitress), a barbecue burger and an onion burger.

The Italian burger had pesto sauce, dried tomatoes, cheese and arugula, the most striking being the combination of pesto with meat, which gave it a very special point. The Onion Burger was also not far behind in flavor with abundant grilled onion, arugula and a confit tomato base that served as a sweet counterpoint.

The third burger, the barbecue burger, had, of course, barbecue sauce, cheese, bacon, caramelized onion and two large chunks of sweet and sour pickles. I've never been a big fan of burgers with barbecue sauce, because I like the freshest burgers, with lettuce, tomato, onion ... but this one was also very good.

In fact, the only downside I would give to all of them is that the bread was sliced ​​hamburger bread and not artisan, which made it fall apart and lose much of the charm. Also, being in a place called Bakery & Burger makes even less sense.

To top off the meal, and although we were all quite satisfied with what we had eaten, we decided to order a brownie to share. I also have no weakness for this dessert, too compact for my taste, inedible when badly done. Luckily for me, this one had a good helping of chocolate and was quite juicy for what brownies tend to be, so I went home happy after eating at Bakery & Burger, where bread and meat are good crumbs, although not in hamburgers.

In addition, I would like to comment that the waitresses did not stand out for their kindness, but for a somewhat surly treatment, although in my case efficient, without reaching the extreme of what happened to Alazne, as he tells us in the comments, but not I can hardly imagine a situation like this. A shame, because the place is charming and asks for some lovely waitresses.

Bakery & Burger

Av. Blasco Ibáñez nº 39 Valencia Price per person: 10-15 euros à la carte

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