Barcelona Degusta 2007 in pictures

We show you a compilation of some of the photos that we took in the second edition of the Barcelona Degusta 2007 Show, although we would love to show you all of them, since there are many novelties and moments that are saved on the retina and on the palate.

We started with the escancio of a fruity white wine from the County of Huelva, we did not have time to taste it at the event because the queue had no end, but this wine from the Zalema grape variety is already known to our palate.

This is the famous Rabbit Ham, which we already talked about last year, but it maintains its success. Offered by the La Artesa company, now we can tell you that it has a smooth flavor and tastes.

This is the stand of the "Chocolates Fondue" chocolate fountains, although the one in the image is not the domestic size we are talking about.

Delicious tablet of what we know as Guirlache, made by Basile, an Italian company that offers various delicious and completely natural products, made from almonds, sugar and honey, which make them suitable for celiacs.

Do you remember Carlota's cookie shop? Well, we were able to know an infinity of cookies with different shapes and flavors that conquer the palate the moment they enter through the eyes.

How many types of eggs have you tried? We remind you that the green eggs are from Emu.

The cheese in the photo above was one of our acquisitions, it is made with raw cow's milk, it had a pleasant flavor but a very powerful smell, when we got home it was so strong that we had to get rid of it, a pity.

The Agora of Taste dedicated to veal by the renowned chef Sergi Arola, gave for three suggestive dishes of which we do not remember their names, but can be tasted in their restaurants. This was the first ...

This was the second ... the third you can see here.

And shortly we will show you a video in which you can see how fun and educational the performance of those present in the photo was.

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