[Inocentada 2017] Bistrot Laika: they open the first restaurant for dogs in Spain


Update: Indeed, as you have already commented in several ways, this is a joke post whose intention is to make you have a good time. We hope we have succeeded. Happy April Fools Day!

After the success of the patisseries for dogs, and the increasing number of places in which canines are allowed to enter, Bistrot Laika was born, the first restaurant designed exclusively for man's best friend in our country, which has opened its doors in the Malasaña neighborhood, in Madrid.

Its owners, Luna Salvatierra and Enol Pérez, ran a take-out food store, but, as they have explained to Direct to the Palate, they realized that their preparations liked more dogs than humans. "Our clients told us that our food was perfect to give to the dogs," says Salvatierra. “But despite this, we were not very successful. Perhaps society is not yet ready for our raw vegan recipes, nor to come with their lunch boxes for food. Did you know that with what we spend on plastic containers the planet's temperature rises half a degree every year? "

Pérez and Salvatierra saw clearly that the failure of their business opened a new opportunity. “You always have to learn from failures, that's what makes us human,” says Pérez, “Do you know what resilience is? I took several from my father's radio and since I've been wearing them around my neck, karma has been with me ”.

Pérez and Salvatierra taste all their creations before serving them.

"The worst thing is cleaning the premises"

Pérez and Salvatierra have designed the place to suit the dogs, the true protagonists of their restaurant. "This allowed us to save on rent," says Salvatierra. " Our clients do not need such high ceilings, so we have been able to create a false floor, and we live on top ”.

The restaurant has not required a large investment in furniture either. Dogs don't need chairs, and the dishes are large, floor-standing metal dishes that can be hosed down. Despite this, Pérez acknowledges that in the first days they are having difficulties related to hygiene: “The worst thing is cleaning the premises. Many dogs have a habit of throwing food off the plate, not to mention some bloat quickly and vomit. We didn't count on this ”.

Although humans are allowed in the premises, so that they can share with their pets the joy of their first meal in a restaurant, they cannot stand upright, so they must always be seated on low stools. "It is not very comfortable, but dog meals are seven times shorter than ours, so you do not have to recline for more than five minutes," says Salvatierra.

A menu of leftovers

The menu includes several house specialties made with dogs in mind. Among its most successful dishes are the Terrier Lentils, The Criadilla Salad and the Sausage Edge. All recipes are organic, as they are made with the leftovers that the owners rescue in other restaurants in the area.

"The feed industry has alienated our families," says Salvatierra. “It is incredible that these companies exist when we throw away so much food. We give food a new opportunity. And we charge them as if they were new ”.

The restaurant's success has been immediate, and you have to call weeks in advance to reserve a spot. "We have found a niche that is yet to be explored," says Pérez excitedly, recognizing that his next step will be to market his dishes. "If we vacuum pack our creations we will be able to reach supermarkets."

Shake Royal Canin.

Images | Pixabay / piotr mamnaimie / Andrew Vargas
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