Homemade sponge cake: discover the tricks to make it spongy

How many times has it happened to me that, after spending time and wanting to make the dough for my biscuits, an inedible mazacote or a good-looking but raw sponge cake has come out of the oven. What anger have I felt. However, after many years of baking homemade cakes, I have discovered the tricks to make them spongy.

To prevent this from happening to you as much as possible, I will tell you the tricks so that you can get your homemade cakes to be fluffy and perfect. All of them, the result of practice and experience. I hope they serve you or that, at least, you can take them as a reference to adapt them to your kitchens.

When making homemade cakes, the most important points to keep in mind so that they come out spongy are: the ingredients, the dough, the baking and the preservation.

The ingredients

  • Before starting, all heavy ingredients must be available accurately. Pastry is an exact science and gives little room for variation. It is not like the kitchen, in which we can work by eye and obtain good results. It is not surprising that, in professional pastry, recipes are called formulas.

  • The ingredients must be at room temperature, unless the recipe or formula indicates otherwise, to prevent the dough from cutting at some point in the smoothie. To do this, we take everything necessary from the refrigerator for a while before starting the preparation.

  • The size of the eggs is important. In general, if the recipe does not indicate anything, the reference is for size M eggs, whose weight ranges between 55 and 65 grams per unit. If we do not have M size eggs, we must translate the required quantity to grams and weigh the egg that we have. This way we will avoid adding more liquid than necessary to our doughs.

  • Adding salt to the mixture, in a very small amount, helps to enhance the flavor of sweets and, in this case, of biscuits. A pinch of salt mixed with the flour will be welcome. But we can also do without it if our cake requires butter and we use the one that contains salt.

  • If our cake is chocolate or cocoa, another ingredient that helps enhance the final flavor is coffee. It's amazing what a tablespoon of espresso can do to the dough. What a result.

  • Converting an egg cake recipe into a chocolate cake recipe, we just have to add cocoa powder and adjust the amount of flour to compensate. That is, if we add 80 grams of cocoa to the mass, we have to subtract 80 grams of flour. We mix both ingredients and add them together to the dough.

  • The type of flour to use is common wheat flour. There are many blends that add chemical booster to flour and market it as cake flour, saving you from having to add the booster later. However, my recommendation is to use wheat flour and booster separately, so we control the amount we use of the latter.

  • The chemical booster is what we popularly call and know as Royal yeast. It is the correct ingredient to make biscuits, since it reacts with heat during baking. We should never confuse it with baker's yeast (whether fresh or dry). Its use is optional.

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