Kefir sponge cake with lemon aroma, a surprising recipe to incorporate this ingredient into our diet


Milk kefir is a food similar to liquid yogurt and has been consumed for thousands of years. Peasants in the mountains of the North Caucasus prepared a drink called ayrag (precedent of kefir), which was achieved by letting milk rest in skins made of goatskin which were never washed. Apparently kefir means a pleasant sensation, as this is how the person who consumes it and who gives it feels.

We found this recipe for a lemon-scented kefir cake on Carmen's blog and we couldn't resist putting it into practice. For those of you who have never tried kefir, you should know that its flavor is slightly acidic, although it is not noticeable in this cake, as it is very soft and fluffy.


For 8 people
  • Milk kefir 200 g
  • Sugar 180 g
  • Flour 200 g
  • Eggs 4
  • Sunflower oil 90 ml
  • Ground almonds 50 g
  • Lemon zest 1
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder

How to make lemon scented kefir cake

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 45 m
  • Elaboration 15 m
  • Cooking 30 m

We start by preheating the oven to 180ºC. Then, we separate the whites from the yolks and mount the whites with a few rods and half the sugar. We reserve them. In another bowl we mix the yolks with the rest of the sugar and the lemon zest.

We add the oil, the ground almonds, the flour and the yeast. We mix well. Add the kefir and, finally, the whipped whites, stirring with a spatula so that the dough does not fall. We put the mixture in the greased mold and cook it at 180º for about 30 minutes.

With what to accompany the kefir cake with lemon aroma

This recipe for lemon scented kefir cake is a very soft and fluffy dough, so we recommend storing it in an airtight container to prevent it from becoming too hard. You can serve it with a little whipped cream if you want it as a dessert, at breakfasts and as a snack, accompany it with your favorite jam.

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