Black Friday 2020: Best deals on capsule, Italian, express coffee machines at Amazon or El Corte Inglés


Having a good coffee can be quite an odyssey at home, if we don't have the right tool, although everything is relative in terms of tastes, so the ideal coffee maker will depend directly on our preferences.

There are those who love the aroma of an espresso with freshly ground beans (cappuccino-style foam included) or those who prefer to prioritize comfort (without sacrificing flavor) so a capsule coffee maker is perfect.

There are also those who enjoy light American-style coffee, for which a simple drip coffee maker is enough and of course, those who value the absence of clutter and settle for a lifelong Italian coffee maker.

There are interesting discounts for all of them right now on Black Friday, so we can take advantage of indulging ourselves or giving the royal pages a boost to carry out their Christmas shopping (and save a few euros).

Automatic and super automatic

Super-automatic coffee machines are now in fashion and are always among the first of the best sellers on websites like Amazon, surely it has something to do with the fact that many of us have gone to telework and miss the coffee from the bar next to the office . If you plan to get one, take a look at these offers:

  • De'longhi ECAM 23.420.SB: super-automatic coffee machine with 15 bars of pressure that is also the most sold on Amazon and that has an automatic cleaning system for 699 299 euros.

De'longhi ECAM 23.420.SB - Super Automatic Coffee Maker 15 Pressure Bars, Espresso and Cappuccino, Removable Water Tank 1.8 l, LCD Panel, Adjustable Coffee Dispenser, Automatic Cleaning, Silver

Price at Amazon € 299.00 Price at El Corte Inglés € 299.00 Price at Fnac € 440.64
  • Krups Pisa EA81P0: With an elegant design that includes an LCD screen we have this Krups Pisa with 15 bars of pressure and a conical metal coffee grinder for 409.99 262.99 euros.

Krups Pisa EA81P0 - Super automatic coffee machine, 15 bars, metal conical coffee grinder, selection of quantity and intensity of coffee, 1.7 L tank, Automatic steam function, LCD display

Price in Amazon € 262.99 Price in El Corte Inglés € 279.00 Price in Media Markt € 289.00
  • Ikohs Express Barismatic Coffee Maker: This Ikhos automatic coffee maker has a double outlet to prepare two cups at the same time, 20 bars of pressure and a power of 850W for 99.95 66.95 euros.

IKOHS Barismatic Express Coffee Maker - Automatic Espress Coffee Maker for Espresso and Cappuccino, 20 Bars, 850 W, 1.5 liters, Adjustable Steamer, Double Outlet, Pressure Regulator (Gray)

RRP on Amazon € 66.95 PVP on Ebay € 199.00
  • Ikohs Thera Retro: For those who value design above all else, this decorative Ikohs with a vintage look has 1100W and can prepare everything from espressos to cappuccinos for only 115.95 76.95 euros.

IKOHS THERA Retro - Express Coffee Maker for Espresso and Cappucino, 1100W, 15 Bars, Adjustable Steamer, Capacity 1.25l, Ground Coffee and Single Dose, with Double Outlet (Red)

RRP at Amazon € 76.95 PVP at Fnac € 178.39
  • Krups Quattro Force Arabica Latte EA819E: 15 bar super-automatic coffee machine, with different milk programs, LCD screen and metal grinder for 599.99 349.99 euros.

Krups Quattro Force Arabica Latte EA819E - Super Automatic Coffee Maker 15 Bars, LCD Screen, Milk Programs and Drink Customization, Professional Metal Grinder, Cleaning Mode, Milk Jug

RRP at Amazon € 349.99 PVP at El Corte Inglés € 439.00
  • Philips Saeco SM7583 / 00: For the most gourmets we have this Philips that allows personalization per drink with up to five intensity settings, twelve grinder settings and coffee flavor of your choice for 1399.99 949.99 euros.

Philips Saeco SM7583 / 00 - Super Automatic Espresso Machine, 12 coffee drinks, 6 profiles, integrated LatteDuo milk jug, automatic cleaning, ceramic grinder, stainless steel finish

RRP at Amazon € 949.99 PVP at Philips € 985.99


The capsule coffee maker fever seems to have ended and it shows in the prices, now many almost give you the coffee maker itself for the purchase of capsules (or they come with a built-in jpgt), in any case, they do not usually exceed 100 euros .

  • Bosch TAS1003 TASSIMO: T-DISC capsule coffee maker with 1400 W of power, 0.7 liter capacity and available up to 5 colors to choose from, the price 79 24 euros, does not include capsules but a 5 euro voucher to spend on capsules .

Bosch TAS1003 TASSIMO Happy Capsule coffee maker, 1400 W, red and black

RRP at Amazon € 24.00 RRP at Media Markt € 24.00
  • Philips L'OR LM8012 / 60 Barista: with an elegant minimalist design we have this barista edition of the Philips L'Or that has a tank of one liter and 19 bars of pressure. It is compatible with single or double capsules, it is also the best-seller on Amazon for 99.99 48.75 euros.

Philips L'OR LM8012 / 60 Barista - Coffee maker compatible with single / double capsule, 19 bar pressure, 1L tank, black color

Price at Amazon € 48.75 Price at El Corte Inglés € 49.00
  • Krups Piccolo KP1A05: this Krups Piccolo with a 0.8-liter tank does include three boxes of Nescafé capsules for 94 54 euros.

Krups Piccolo KP1A05 - Dolce Gusto capsule coffee maker, 15 bars and 1500 W, with 0.8 l tank, hot and cold multi-beverage pods, manual, red color + 3 Intense Coffee Packs

RRP at Amazon € 54.00 PVP at El Corte Inglés € 79.00
  • Nespresso De'Longhi Inissia EN80.B: perhaps the best known brand of all capsule coffee machines is undoubtedly Nespresso and this De'Longhi with 19 bars, with automatic shut-off and 14 capsules as a jpgt for 99 69 euros.

Nespresso De'Longhi Inissia EN80.B - Nespresso capsule pod coffee machine, 19 bars, automatic shutdown, black, Includes welcome pack with 14 capsules

Price at Amazon € 69.00 Price at El Corte Inglés € 69.00


The traditional filter and drip coffee makers are a practical and economical alternative, especially if there are many of us at home, because we can usually prepare a large number of cups at once.

  • Jata CA390: a Jata classic with a capacity of up to 18 cups, a glass jug and automatic disconnection for 34.78 27.92 euros.

Jata CA390 Drip Coffee Maker. The classic coffee in your home From 2 to 18 cups Stainless Steel Front Permanent Filter Anti-drip Automatic Dexconnection Glass jug with lid

RRP at Amazon € 27.92 RRP at Carrefour € 37.40
  • Melitta M720-1 / 2: with capacity for 5 large cups (or seven small ones) we have this mini filter coffee maker from the Melitta brand in two colors to choose from for 36.96 28.42 euros.

Melitta Filter coffee maker with glass jug, For 5 cups of coffee, Single 5, Black, M720-1 / 2

RRP on Amazon € 28.42 RRP on Ebay € 119.00
  • Aicook: this coffee maker with a glass jug is programmable and has a capacity of 1500 ml and 900W of power for 29.99 23.99 euros.

Aicook Coffee Maker, Drip Coffee Maker, 12 Cup Programmable Drip Coffee Maker with Glass Jug, Insulation and Permanent Coffee Filter, 1500ML Water Tank, 900W, Clock Display, Black

RRP on Amazon € 29.99


  • bonVIVO Intenca: Italian stainless steel coffee maker with capacity for 6 cups of coffee, compatible with induction hob for 49.90 39.90 euros.

bonVIVO Intenca Stainless Steel Induction Express Italian Coffee Maker with Copper Finish, for Full-bodied Espresso, Classic Moka Coffee Maker, for 6 Espresso Cups

RRP on Amazon € 39.90 PVP on Ebay € 64.30
  • Godmorn: the most sold on Amazon is this stainless steel coffee maker with a capacity of 300 ml (approximately 6 cups), with a classic design that does its job for 20.99 13.66 euros.

Godmorn Italian Coffee Maker, Espresso Maker in Stainless Steel430.6 cups (300ml), Suitable for induction cookers, Classic Moka Coffee Maker, Silver, Perfect for Home and Office Use.

RRP on Amazon € 13.66 PVP on Ebay € 20.19

More offers

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You can also find the best Black Friday 2020 deals here.

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