Black Friday 2020: best deals on kitchen machines, programmable pots, slow cookers and small appliances


We have already reached the straight of a Black Friday that each year arrives earlier. We have been publishing offers on appliances, kitchenware and jpgts for kitchens all week, but there are discounts that do not arrive until today, November 27.

Although Amazon is the undisputed king of this discount period, we also find good deals in stores such as PcComponentes, Ebay or El Corte Inglés, which have not been left behind and have a wide selection in terms of kitchen and small appliances on sale.

As always, we recommend you check what the price was before the sale (some great discounts are not so much), although in this selection we leave you only the offers that are really worth it to advance your Christmas shopping or, simply, buy something that you need and it is cheaper.

Kitchen robots

The kitchen robot is a market with fierce competition, with deep discounts these days that are undoubtedly worth clinging to. If you have doubts about which model suits you, check our complete buying guide, which will surely solve your doubts.

  • Cecotec Mambo 10090 Kitchen Robot: With more than 30 functions (chop, chop, liquefy, grind, fry, grind, pulverize, grate, reheat, whisk, yogurt, assemble, emulsify, mix, etc.) we have the latest robot kitchen proposed by Cecotec, with wifi, mobile or tablet app and two jugs. We analyzed it recently and it seems like a great buy. It has returned in stock to Amazon with a price of 449 299 euros

Cecocet Mambo 10090 Multifunction Kitchen Robot. With APP, MamboMix Spoon, Havana Jug, 30 functions, Built-in Scale, Stainless Steel Jug, Capacity 3.3 liters

RRP on Amazon € 299.00 PVP on Ebay € 299.00
  • Cecotec Mambo 9590 Kitchen Robot: the little brother of the Mamo 10090 is also a good option to get a great kitchen robot at an affordable price, if we don't mind giving up the Wi-Fi connection. It has the same 30 functions, with a stainless steel jug suitable for quick and easy cleaning in the dishwasher and a boiling basket to prepare up to 4 preparations at the same time. It has a price on Black Friday of 449 259 euros.

Cecotec Kitchen Robot Mambo 9590. with Havana Jug, 30 Functions, Built-in Scale, Stainless Steel Jug, Capacity 3.3 liters, Dishwasher safe,

Price in Amazon € 259.00 Price in Cecotec € 259.00 Price in PC Components € 459.00
  • Kenwood kCook Multi Smart CCL450SI: A multifunction robot that includes WiFi controllable with an App from the mobile to consult its more than 600 recipes, it also has an integrated scale, power of 1500 W and power up to 180ºC for 899 719.20 499 euros.

Kenwood kCook Multi Smart CCL450SI Multifunction Kitchen Robot with Wifi Controllable with an App from the Mobile, with +600 Free Recipes, Integrated Scale, 1500 W, 4.5L Capacity

Price at Amazon € 499.00 Price at El Corte Inglés € 499.00
  • Taurus Mycook Touch Unlimited Edition: from the hand of Taurus we have this special edition robot with manual and automatic mode (with more than 1000 recipes), multifunction and 2-liter capacity from 890 euros 499 euros. It is a special edition that we only see on Amazon and it is 100 euros cheaper than on Prime Day.

Taurus Mycook Touch Unlimited Edition - Kitchen Robot, wifi, 1600W, 2L, up to 140 degrees, multifunction, more than 10,000 recipes, 2-level steamer and basket, White

RRP on Amazon € 499.00
  • Create Ikohs Chefbot: If you are looking for a robot that cooks, with decent power, and that offers many functions in a single device, the Chefbot can be a great bet that does not require a large investment. This is also the version with WiFi, a web browser and a full color TouchScreen with installed recipes. It has a price of 479.95 249.95 euros.

IKOHS Create CHEFBOT Touch Multifunction Kitchen Robot. 23 Functions, 12 Turbo Speeds, WiFi, up to 120ºC, Programmable, BPA Free, Pre-installed Recipes

RRP on Amazon € 249.95

Programmable pots

The programmable pot is a kitchen robot present in many houses in the United States and much of Europe, but it is just beginning to arrive in Spain. It is an electronic pressure cooker, in which the temperature can be precisely controlled, which allows the use of a myriad of techniques that can be combined with each other: sautéing, frying, grilling, with different pressures, at low temperature ... And this Black Friday we find several very interesting models on offer, from the best brands.

  • GM H Deluxe Pot - One of our favorite programmable pots, which we were able to test at launch with very positive impressions. It has 19 programs for pressure or low temperature cooking, and can be expanded with accessories to function as an oven or slow cooker. A great purchase for only 149.90 119.90 euros.

Cecotec GM Programmable Pot. Programmable, Intelligent Cooking System (Model H Deluxe)

Price at Cecotec € 119.90 Price at Amazon € 129.00
  • Gridinlux programmable pot: a cheaper option is this Gridinlux programmable pot, with 14 specific programs, touch screen and stainless steel bowl. It has a price of 119.97 89.98 euros.

GRIDINLUX. Programmable Pot, 14 Programs, Large Capacity, Touch, Security System. Includes Accessories and Recipe Book. Easy cook

RRP on Amazon € 89.98 RRP on Ebay € 199.00

Slow cookers

Slow cookers have been one of the star products of Black Friday for a couple of years now, and interest in them has not waned. Before deciding on one or the other model, we recommend that you be clear about what they are for and why slow cookers are not. Perhaps it is not the appliance you need, but it is also possible that it makes your cooking much easier.

  • Crock-Pot Duraceramic CSC026X: 5-liter pot with DuraCeramic coating and Saute function, it has a capacity of up to 4 or 5 people. You have it for 97.99 78.15 euros.

Crock-Pot Duraceramic CSC026X Digital Slow Cooker, Fire and Induction Compatible Container, 5 Liter, Stainless Steel, White

Price at Amazon € 78.15 Price at El Corte Inglés € 129.90 Price at PC Components € 99.99
  • Crock-Pot CSC012X AutoStir: With more than 50% discount we have this AutoStir with capacity for 6 people for 134.90 74.99 euros .. Its main advantage over the more conventional crock-pots is that it includes two paddles to stir , ideal for achieving different textures. In addition, it prevents certain ingredients from sticking, and since it is not necessary to lift the lid, it keeps the cooking temperature constant.

Crock-Pot CSC012X AutoStir - Digital Slow Cooker for All Types of Recipes, 240 W, 5.7L, Stainless Steel, Inox Gray

RRP on Amazon € 74.99 PVP on Ebay € 159.97
  • Ikohs Slowpot: Finally, we find on sale, only on Amazon, the slow cooker from the Valencian house Ikohs, which is the cheapest we can find. It is the most basic model, without timers, but it can be managed with a programmable plug and is very economical: it costs only 44.96 euros.

IKOHS SLOWPOT - Electric Slow Cooker to Prepare Multitude of Recipes, 240 W, 3.5 liters, Ceramic Nonstick Coating Container, 3 Modes, Programmable, Timer (3.5l)

RRP on Amazon € 44.96

Mixers Kneaders

Also called robot mixers, these devices are an advanced top model of mixers specifically designed to handle dough. Accessories and added functions aside, they are mixers designed for pastry and bakery uses, with which to knead, beat, assemble, mix and stir all kinds of sweet and savory dough preparations. They do not cook, emulsify, or crush. You can consult our buying guide to know if it is really the device you need.

  • Taurus Mixing Chef Compact: mixer with planetary system, which has up to 5 different functions: knead, whisk, mix, whip and emulsify. It also has up to 6 speeds, turbo function and the design includes a 4-liter stainless steel bowl. Its price: 117.70 79.90 euros.

Taurus Mixing Chef Compact - Planetary Mixer, 5 Functions, 6 Speeds, Turbo Function, 4 l Bowl, Stainless Steel, 500 W

RRP on Amazon € 79.90

Hand mixers

Although less glamorous, a good hand mixer is one of the most important appliances in any home kitchen. Although the technology has not advanced much in recent years, there are increasingly better models for less money, so it is worth having an instrument that, at least, has enough power.

  • Black + Decker BXHB1000E: Hand blender with 20 speeds, 1000W power and stainless steel design in dark gray for 39 35.19 30.80 euros.

Black + Decker BXHB1000E Hand blender, 1 Accessory, 1000 W, Stainless Steel, 20 Speed, Gray

Price at Amazon € 30.84 Price at El Corte Inglés € 39.99
  • Moulinex QuickChef DD655D: Hand blender with 1000 W of power, ten speed regulator and turbo function. Also for 59.99 34.99 euros it comes with 2 accessories to chop or mount, measuring cup and splash guard.

Moulinex QuickChef DD655D 1000 W Hand Blender, with 10 Turbo Speed ​​Regulator with 2 Chopping and Mounting Accessories and Measuring Cup, Splash Dome, Steel

Price on Amazon € 34.99 Price on PC Components € 34.99

Glass blenders

A glass blender consists of a stable base on which the glass itself is attached, rather in the shape of a jug with a pouring spout, which is usually made of heat-resistant glass. Its most common use is to prepare shakes, smoothies, slushies and sorbets, cocktails, smoothie bowls or healthy instant ice creams -nicecream-.

  • Moulinex Perfect Mix + LM82AD10: More power (1200W) has this Moulinex with a stainless steel exterior finish for 139.99 105.85 79.99 euros.

Moulinex Perfect Mix + LM82AD10 2-liter bowl blender, 1200 W, Tritan bowl, stainless steel exterior finishes, backlit speed selector, 3 programs, manual and autoclean mode

Price on Amazon € 79.99 Price on PC Components € 79.99
  • Cecotec Black Titanium 2000 Pro: American glass blender with stainless steel finishes. Get an optimal crushing with its 2000 W of power and 32,500 rpm of speed. 8-blade blade with black titanium coating that keeps steel sharp for longer. It is on sale for: 103.20 89.99 euros.

Cecotec Power Black Titanium 2000 Pro Glass Blender. 2000 W of Power, 8 Blade Blade, Black Titanium Coating, 3 Preset Programs, Square Plastic Jug, BPA Free

Retail Price on PC Components 89.99 € Retail Price on Amazon 98.99 €
  • Moulinex LM430110 Blendforce Cristal: Glass blender with a power of 800 W that promises an ideal result without jams. It has an ice function for making fruit juices or smothies. It also incorporates an intelligent locking system to process food effortlessly for 59.90 39.90 euros.

Moulinex LM430110 Blendforce Cristal - 800 W glass blender, 4 blades with ice pick function, 3 speeds, easy cleaning and 1.75 liter heat-resistant glass jug

Price on Amazon € 39.90 Price on PC Components € 39.99

Small and medium household appliance

We finalize our selection of Black Friday offers with different gadgets that we find these days at a great price: oil-free fryers, toasters, microwaves, coffee makers ... The best discounts of the Black Friday week that we will continue to be very attentive in the days to come.

Oil-free fryers

  • Ikohs Oil Free Fryer: This hot air fryer is one of the cheapest on the market. With 900W of power and an adjustable temperature from 80 to 200º C, it is an ideal option for small homes, since its 1.5 L basket does not feed more than two people. It has a price of 54.96 42.98 euros.

IKOHS IKOFRY Healthy Touch -Oil-Free, Oil-Free Air Fryer, 1.5 l Capacity, 900W, Non-Stick Basket, 80-200 ° Temperature Selector, Automatic Shutdown, BPA Free, Programmable, White

PVP in PcComponentes € 42.98 PVP in Amazon € 58.95
  • DeLuxe Princess Air Fryer Oven: If you are looking for a large capacity airless fryer, which does the functions of an oven, this may be a good buy. It is one of the most powerful on the market (1800W) and has programs for roasting, roasting, frying, dehydrating, defrosting, with 10 pre-programmed settings or manual operation to prepare French fries (2 or 3 servings each time), roast vegetables, roast chicken, cakes, bread, etc. It has a price of 159.99 109.90 euros.

Princess 182075 - DeLuxe Air Fryer Oven with Innovative Rotating Basket, Compact Size and Multifunction Oven and Air Fryer, 10 pre-programmed programs, 1800 W, 11 liters

RRP on Amazon € 109.90

Coffee makers

  • Ufesa CE7255: Espresso machine with a 20 bar pressure pump and 850W of power to prepare up to 2 coffees for 149.99 125.35 87.99 euros.

Ufesa CE7255 Expresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker with Digital Touch Panel, Adjustable Steamer, 20, 2 Modes: Ground Coffee or Single Dose, Bar Cream Filters, Cup Warming Function, 850 W

Price on Amazon € 87.99 Price on PC Components € 111.19
  • Cecotec Power Espresso 20 Matic: espresso machine from the Spanish brand Cecotec for espresso and cappuccino coffee. It has 850 W of power and 20 bars of pressure, which makes it a more than worthy coffee machine, at an unbeatable price. It is especially lowered in PcComponentes, with a price of 79.90 59.90 euros.

Cecotec Power Espresso 20 Matic Express Coffee Maker

PVP in PcComponentes € 59.90 PVP in Cecotec € 79.90

Smaller appliances

  • Moulinex OW6101 Home Baguette breadmaker: breadmaker for baking homemade bread, with 16 automatic programs. Special trays with a baker's knife and brush. You can knead and bake loaves of bread up to 1.5 kg in the bread pan with non-stick coating. It has a price of 164.99 114.88 euros.

Moulinex OW6101 Home Baguette - 1650 W Baguette Machine, 16 Programs, Gluten Free, Up to 1.5 kg, Timed Start, Hold Hot, Includes Baguette Trays, 2 Dough Blades and Recipe Book

PVP in Amazon € 114.88 PVP in PcComponentes € 138.89 PVP in El Corte Inglés € 149.00
  • AEG SM3300 Stick Mixer - 450W bowl mixer with 2-in-1 function with separate use of the hand mixer for quick and easy mixing. Includes 3.5l rotating bowl suitable for processing large quantities, dishwasher safe. It has a price of 71.90 39.00 euros.

AEG SM3300 Series 3 Dough Mixer with Bowl, Dishwasher Safe, 5 Speeds, Turbo Function, Mixer Sticks, Dough Sticks, Dishwasher Safe, 450 W, 3.5L, Black

Price in Amazon € 39.00 Price in PcComponents € 71.78
  • Russell Hobbs Cook @ Home 19270-56: This Russell Hobbs steamer has the Amazon's Choices label and a 30% discount for 39.99 27.99 euros.

Russell Hobbs Cook @ Home 19270-56 - Steamer (800 W, Slow Cooker, BPA Free, Stainless Steel, 9 liter Capacity)

RRP on Amazon € 27.99
  • Sous Vide VPCOK Circulator: circulator for vacuum and low temperature cooking, with a temperature range of 0-92.5 ℃. It is the best seller on Amazonb in the category. And it has a price of 75.99 57.74 euros.

VPCOK Sous Vide Roner Low Temp Cooker, 1000W, LCD Touch Screen, Timer, Cook Circulator, Stainless Steel Vacuum Cooker, Recipe Book

RRP at Amazon € 57.74
  • Oster rice cooker: rice cooker with 0.6 l capacity. Refractory glass lid with ventilation to prevent overcooking of food. Automatic function to keep the rice warm once cooked. It has a price of 29.90 19.10 euros.

Oster CKSTRC4723-050 Rice Cooker 0.6 L, 350 W, plastic

PVP at Amazon € 19.10 PVP at El Corte Inglés € 25.00

More offers

If you join Amazon Prime, you have a 30-day free trial (after 36 euros per year) to enjoy free fast shipping, priority accessory to offers, services such as Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading and unlimited photo storage. Also, if you are a student, becoming a Prime Student costs half and you have a 90-day trial.

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You can also find the best Black Friday 2020 deals here.

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