Black Friday 2020: the best deals on batteries, pans, utensils and kitchenware


A jpgt in mind, some new pans to give a well-deserved retirement to the previous ones or to renew the fleet of knives is easier and more affordable if we pay attention to the offers and bargains that Black Friday 2020 offers.

Top brands, leaders in the sector, that arrive at Amazon (a whole week, not only on Friday) with discounts of up to 70% to give new life to your kitchen from the casserole, the pressure cooker, the steamer or the cooking knife. chef who has been on your shopping list for months.

A now or never that in a few days they will return to their official price and that we can now find in very good discounts. Anticipate Santa Claus and renew your kitchen with these products that we offer you today, where we have chosen the best of the best -and what we would put in our own home- to facilitate the task of not diving in the infinite ocean that Black Friday represents from Amazon.


If you still struggle with pans that stopped being non-stick years ago, that complicate your life with eggs, omelettes and stir-fries or that, directly, do not distribute the heat well, you are in luck. Let them pass away and bet on some of these suggestions that will make your dishes and the task of cleaning them richer -and easier-.

  • BRA Efficient Orange: 58% discount on Amazon or for only € 39.90 on Ebay for a comprehensive and affordable renovation Set of three pans (18, 22 and 26cm) in cast aluminum with PFOA-free three-layer non-stick (dishwasher safe ), for all types of cookers including induction and ceramic hob. Offer price: 112.27 euros 46.99 euros.

BRA Efficient Orange - Set of 3 pans, cast aluminum with PFOA-free 3-layer non-stick, for all types of cookers including induction and glass-ceramic, dishwasher safe, 18-22-26 cm

RRP on Ebay € 39.90 RRP on Amazon € 46.99
  • Tefal L6509105 Ingenio Expertise: If you are one of those who do not have enough space and who find it difficult to store their pans, Tefal has the solution with this versatile set of two aluminum pans (22 and 26cms) -with titanium non-stick- with removable handle so you can store them better than ever and they arrive with a 42% discount. Price on Black Friday: 69.00 euros 39.99 euros.

Tefal L6509105 Ingenio Expertise - Set of Aluminum Pans with Removable Handle, Non-Stick Titanium, for All Types of Cookers Including Induction, Black, 22 and 26 cm

RRP on Amazon € 39.99 PVP on Ebay € 86.95
  • WMF Permadur Element: A safe value to renew your set of pans with this set of three, made of stainless steel, present in the three most common formats: 20, 24 and 28 centimeters, and now comes with a 20% discount. A benchmark of WMF, an icon of German kitchenware, that you can use in all types of kitchens and that are really durable. Get them for 79.49 euros 63.77 euros.

WMF Permadur Element Set of 3 stainless steel pans of 20, 24 and 28 cm, with non-stick for all types of cookers including induction, Cast Aluminum

RRP at Amazon € 63.77
  • San Ignacio Daimiel: Suitable for all types of surfaces, designed in resistant forged aluminum and with a system of points at the base for a better distribution of heat. In addition, its design reminds us of the classic and durable pans of our mothers, with a wood effect handle. A bargain of three pans (22, 26 and 28 cms) with a 62% discount that will make them a real jpgt for your kitchen for 109.99 euros 41.99 euros.

San Ignacio Daimiel - Set 3 Pans, Induction, Forged Aluminum, 22/26/28 cm

RRP on Amazon € 41.99
  • Magefesa K2: A bargain in every way for this set of three pans (20, 24 and 28 cm) in vitrified steel and with a double layer non-stick, capable of adapting to any surface and that comes with a 51% discount. Almost a jpgt that you can make yours for 51.66 euros 25.22 euros.

Magefesa K2 Lot 3 pans 20Ø24Ø28Ø, Made of vitrified steel. Two-layer reinforced stone non-stick, Exterior Red Color. Valid for all types of enameled fires

RRP on Amazon € 25.22 PVP on Ebay € 32.90
  • Bra Dupla Première Double Skillet: Forget about somersaults with your potato tortillas and the risk of spilling it every time you turn it over. With this non-stick frying pan the problems are over and you can also welcome other cooking techniques such as smoking, roasting, frying and, of course, roasting without having to use the oven. A great game with a 21% discount to say goodbye to messes, splashes and staining more. Make it yours for 45.99 euros 36.50 euros.

Bra Dupla Première Double omelette pan suitable for all types of cookers including induction, with 24 cm diameter, includes jpgt cookbook, Cast Aluminum with Non-stick

RRP on Amazon € 36.50 PVP on Ebay € 54.56
  • BRA Advanced Wok: Take your stir-fries to a higher world and let your vegetables, meats and fish take on all the oriental flavor of the wok with this essential made of cast aluminum and non-stick with a superior diameter of 28 centimeters. A treasure to 'Asianize' your food with a 51% discount and that you can buy for 51.30 euros 24.99 euros.

BRA Advanced Nonstick Cast Aluminum Wok, PFOA Free, Super Strengthened, Induction Safe, 28cm Top Diameter

RRP on Amazon € 24.99 PVP on Ebay € 35.00
  • Bra Efficient Grill: Don't miss the grill when you cook at home with this Bra grill, which comes with discounts of up to 52%. Square and large (28x28cms), in it you can mark fish, vegetables and meats with ease and give it that ribbed touch that we look for in professional grills. In addition, it has a small cap on the edge so that pouring liquids or oils is easier than ever. A bargain for 58.40 euros 27.99 euros.

BRA Efficient - Striped Rotisserie Grill, Cast Aluminum with Platinum Plus Nonstick, Suitable for All Types of Cookers Including Induction, PFOA Free, Black, 28 x 28 cm

Price at Amazon € 27.99 Price at Ebay € 38.91 Price at El Corte Inglés € 45.45

Cocottes and cast iron

If you've ever yearned to have a cast iron cocotte, the kind that accepts all kinds of heat and is almost unbreakable, but its price throws you back (we know they're not cheap), you're in luck. Discounts of up to 50%% on a wide selection of Le Creuset and Staub products appear on this Black Friday so that, finally, one of them sneaks into your kitchen and you wonder why it didn't do it before.

  • Le Creuset Cocotte Oval Evolution: 27 centimeters in diameter and oval shape for this cast iron cocotte that accepts all types of heat, from gas to glass-ceramic to induction and oven.With a capacity of 4.1 liters, it is perfect for large-format family meals such as poultry or roasts, thus adapting to the length of the oven (and thanks to its low height). A real treasure that has a lifetime manufacturer's guarantee and that you can make yours with a 35% discount for only 259.00 euros 168.00 euros.

Le Creuset Cocotte baja Evolution in cast iron with lid, diameter 27 cm, Oval, For all heat sources includes induction, Volume: 4.1 L, 4.61 kg, Graphite Gray

RRP on Amazon € 168.00
  • Le Creuset Cocotte Oval Round: 22 centimeters of pampering and cast iron for smaller houses that do not want to compromise on the quality of their casseroles and prefer to invest in it to ensure results for decades. Ideal for all types of stews and famous for its good heat distribution, this cocotte has a 3.3 liter capacity, enough for a family unit of four people. An indispensable tool for those who enjoy not only eating, but also cooking, and that comes with a discount of up to 39% at El Corte Inglés and 22% at Amazon to sneak into your home from 149 euros.

Le Creuset Cocotte Evolution in cast iron with lid, Ø 22 cm, Round, All heat sources incl. induction, 3.3 l, matt black

PVP at El Corte Inglés € 149.00 PVP at Amazon € 161.49
  • Le Creuset Teapot: Designed in highly resistant and quality enamelled steel, this teapot is the ideal way to turn your infusions into a moment of pleasure at any time of the day, or to heat the water necessary for your dishes in a safe and elegant way . With a capacity of 1.6 liters, you can heat enough water for more than eight cups of tea or to add hot water to your broths. A great game that you will find during Black Friday at El Corte Inglés with a 50% discount, making it almost a jpgt for 85 euros 42.50 euros.

Le Creuset Teapot, 1.6 L Capacity, Enamelled Steel and Phenolic Handle, Zen, Cherry

Price at El Corte Inglés € 42.50 Price at Amazon € 71.07
  • Staub Cocotte Oval: Another of the benchmarks of durability, quality and resistance when we talk about cast iron is Staub, which also surprises us on this Black Friday with one of its flagships with a 48% discount. A bargain for a 13-inch diameter oval cocotte that will become a bargain for your roasts, stews and poultry dishes. A luxury to turn your home into a high-end kitchen for only € 299.00 € 159.99

STAUB Cocotte Oval, Cast Iron, Black, 33 cm

RRP on Amazon € 155.99 PVP on Ebay € 203.25
  • Tefal Heritage Cast Iron Casserole: With a capacity of 7.2 liters, this Tefal saucepan is splendid for large houses or for cooking directly over embers and firewood, such as a house with a fireplace, making the most of the heat of the wood to make your favorite stews. A large-format saucepan whose lid allows to retain the steam from the food, thus making it juicier, and whose thicknesses distribute and maintain heat better. A real game with a 61% discount on Amazon to make it yours for 280.00 euros 109.99 euros.

Tefal Heritage Oval Casserole 34x26 cm, Cast Iron, 7.2 liters, Condensation Enhancing Lid, Heat Retention, Slow Fire, Stews, Caramelization, Suitable for All Kinds of Cookers, Cast Iron

RRP on Amazon € 109.99


The queens of every kitchen. Multiple sizes, countless uses and all kinds of recipes find a place in our pots, which start our best dishes and that with the selection that we recommend today will take you to a higher step. Our search is for batteries that are resistant, easy to clean, with even heat and, why not, that also look good.

  • BRA Advanced: Practical, well designed and very versatile. With these five pieces, made of cast aluminum, you can touch all the sticks in your kitchen: two high pans, a low saucepan and a saucepan, which also have removable heat-resistant silicone handles and their lids and that you can have at home with a 52% discount for only 238.60 euros 114.99 euros.

BRA Advanced - 4-piece cast aluminum cookware with non-stick, for all types of cookers including induction, black

RRP on Amazon € 114.99
  • Tefal Intuition: This set of three pans is perfect for young people, small families or for those who are redecorating their kitchen and do not have a lot of space. Handy, light and very practical, they have pouring edges, internal capacity meters and are suitable for the oven, so you can make all kinds of recipes with them and above with a 31% discount to make them yours for 80.00 euros 54 , 99 euros.

Tefal Intuition A702S685 Set 3 pieces includes 1 saucepan 16 cm and lid 1 saucepan 20 cm with lid 1 saucepan of 24 cm and lid, stainless steel battery, oven-safe pouring edges glass lids

RRP on Amazon € 54.99
  • WMF Function: Do not lose sight of them because this Ferrari of kitchen batteries is going to fly, almost literally, thanks to its 52% discount. Four stainless steel pieces (large pot, medium pot, small pot, and saucepan). Stainless steel, insertable lid with silicone rim, oven resistant up to 180 ° and with handles welded to the body of the pot. A wonder of those that will accompany you for decades and which to have at home for, read it well, 479.00 euros 229.99 euros.

WMF Function 4 - Cookware, 4 Pieces Stainless Steel, 1 Large 5.7 L Pot, 1 Medium 3.3 L Pot, 1 Small 1.9 L Pot and 1 3.4 L Saucepan, Suitable for All Kinds of Cookers

RRP on Amazon € 229.99
  • Bra Efficient: Complete, functional and very resistant. Another of Bra's jewels is presented with this five-piece battery that includes four pans and a saucepan, ideal for redecorating a kitchen or celebrating an already scratched set. It has glass lids, removable silicone handles and a non-stick bottom, free of PFOA, which will prevent your stews from sticking to the bottom of the pan. Pure versatility with a discount of 40% in El Corte Inglés that can make it yours for 229 euros 137.40 euros.

BRA Efficient - 5-piece cast aluminum cookware with non-stick, suitable for all types of cookers, including induction

Price at El Corte Inglés € 137.40 Price at Amazon € 149.99 Price at Ebay € 196.22
  • Zwilling Passion: Zwilling has not only been making knives for centuries (which you will see later), but also making magnificent and resistant cookware as complete as this set that includes five pieces: saucepan, two pots, a saucepan and a roaster. Handy, light and ergonomic, as well as easy to clean (even in the dishwasher) and for all surfaces, also ensuring a uniform distribution of heat and that during Black Friday it stays at a bicoca of 309.00 euros 148.99 euros thanks at your 52% discount.

Zwilling Cookware, Stainless Steel, Glossy Gray

RRP on Amazon € 148.99 PVP on Ebay € 212.60
  • WMF Gala: Comprehensive renovation, or perfect jpgt, depending on your preference. Seven pieces in total for this WMF set that arrives with a € 17 discount and that includes pots, pans, saucepans and a source for steaming. As wide as it is versatile, you can even put them in the oven (with a lid up to 180 ° and without it up to 220 °) and they adapt to all types of fires and the dishwasher. A total revolution that you can have at home for 191.96 euros 159.99 euros.

WMF Gala Plus Cookware (7 Pieces), Cromargan Stainless Steel, Suitable for All Kinds of Cookers, Even Induction

RRP on Amazon € 159.99 PVP on Ebay € 399.00

Fast pans

We save time and money, now twice, with this pressure cooker that we found on Black Friday so that cooking is as simple as always but even more respectful with the pocket than it was before.

  • Bra Tekna: Six liters for this large capacity pot, with a very easy opening system and two operating levels. The first for more delicate foods such as fish and vegetables and the second for those that require longer cooking. In addition, it has a triple diffuser bottom so it reaches the required temperature earlier, making any cooking more agile. As if that were not enough, it has four different security levels so that cooking is a calm and relaxed pleasure, allowing us to do the rest of the housework. An SUV that comes to your home with a 50% discount and that on this Black Friday you will find for 97.28 euros 48.99 euros.

BRA Tekna - 6 liter pressure cooker, stainless steel, suitable for all types of cookers, including induction, gray

RRP on Amazon € 48.99 RRP on Ebay € 74.00
  • WMF Perfect Plus Set: The best sales on Amazon within the pressure cookers arrives on Black Friday with a 22% discount. Durability and versatility for this pair of two-format pots (6.5 liters and 3 liters) with which to cook depending on the size of the house. It includes two cooking levels, one for tender products and another for harder foods, in addition, when the desired temperature is reached, the cooking indicator lowers the heat and the cooking time begins. A luxury that makes cooking easier, faster and now also cheap, than ever and that will be yours for € 179.00 € 139.99.

WMF Perfect Plus Set Express pot, 22 cm diameter, 6.5 liters and 3 liters, 3-piece set

Price on Amazon € 139.99 Price on El Corte Inglés € 143.40 Price on Ebay € 249.00

Knives and dowels

Cutting, peeling and chopping well is not only necessary for our recipes to be perfect, but also to avoid domestic accidents with poorly sharpened knives or to avoid overloading the wrists and hands by using too much force. A good investment in knives is to invest in flavor but also in health and with these recommendations we bet on both.

  • Arcos Maitre: With Made in Spain as a flag, this Arcos cue includes four basic knives (cook, vegetables, bread and ham holder) and scissors with which to ensure all kinds of cuts. Made of stainless steel, their cutting power and durability of the edge make them perfect for all types of demanding kitchens. In addition, they have a 10-year guarantee and you can make them yours with a 49% discount that leaves them at only 88.61 euros 44.99 euros.

Arcos Maitre - Knife Set 5 pieces (4 Kitchen Knives + 1 Kitchen Scissors) - NITRUM Stainless Steel - Polypropylene Handle - Brown wood block

Price at Amazon € 44.99 Price at El Corte Inglés € 51.75 Price at Ebay € 76.40
  • Zwilling Twin Gourmet: Nine pieces for this almost professional taco, which includes lace, universal knife, onion, bread, fillet knife and various accessories such as a sharpening sharpener and a pair of kitchen scissors. The blade is very durable and solid, with great resistance to corrosion and the design is classic, timeless, so it does not clash in any kitchen and that during Black Friday it has a 48% discount. A luxury of professionals for only 239.00 euros 125.41 euros.

Zwilling Twin Gourmet - Knife Block, 9 Pieces

RRP on Amazon € 125.41
  • Zwilling Twin Pollux: It is not a dream, it is a discount. A discount of 59% lands with this set of five knives from Zwilling, with resistant Friodur steel blades, and that touch all the sticks of the kitchen such as the chef's knife, the garnish knife, a universal, the fillet and a ham holder. Top quality stainless steel and durability for a block of knives that will make your cuts more precise and that you can buy for only (chollazo) 209.00 euros 84.99 euros.

Zwilling TWIN POLLUX - Block for 5 knives with Friodur cold-hardened blade, stainless steel

Price at Amazon € 84.99 Price at El Corte Inglés € 115.50
  • Arcos Riviera Ham Knife: No more mess with the ham in the Christmas basket, or with the one we buy cheaper this holiday season. Reliability Arcos (10-year guarantee), very sharp and flexible, equipped with a honeycombed surface so that the cut-off is perfect. A fundamental so that we do not commit atrocities with our Iberians and that this Black Friday has a 46% discount to be planted in your house for 44.72 euros 23.99 euros.

Arcos Riviera Series - Ham Knife - NITRUM Forged Stainless Steel Flexible and Honeycomb Blade 250 mm - Polyoxymethylene (POM) Handle Color Black

Price on Amazon € 23.99 Price on El Corte Inglés € 28.65 Price on Ebay € 32.82

Lékué utensils

A commitment to quality, simple cooking, heat resistance and the best quality silicone that you can find in a large selection of Lékué products.

  • Double steamer: Clean, light and very versatile. An essential element in your kitchen to bet on health and flavor without spending a lot of energy. In addition, its double size allows you to cook more products at the same time (vegetables, meat, fish ...). In addition, you can use it in the microwave and wash it in the dishwasher. As if that were not enough, it also withstands high temperatures, so you can use it in the oven up to 220 degrees, so you can finish many dishes with it. A little jewel that now has a 30% discount and that will become one of your must-haves at lunchtime and that will be yours for only 30.90 euros 21.50 euros.

Lékué Double Green Steamer 2 Levels, Silicone, 22 cm

Price at Amazon € 21.50 Price at El Corte Inglés € 21.65
  • XL steam case: Vegetables, seafood, fish with the effectiveness and cleanliness of the microwave but with all the flavor of steamed preparations, this time in a large format. Say goodbye to cooking in shifts and enjoy the papillote effect with this Lékué case that is safe, fast and simple and that during Black Friday is 25% off. A super practical utensil for only 27.24 euros 20.49 euros.

Lékué - Deep steam case XL, 1000 ml capacity, for 3-4 people, red

Price at Amazon € 20.49 Price at El Corte Inglés € 30.05
  • Lékué Dúo: Your baker's best friend. As easy to use as it is practical and versatile, it includes a non-spill closure system, ideal for creamy cakes. It has the outer mold and a ceramic plate, perfect for serving and not having to stain more utensils. An everyday treasure for only 27.00 euros 17.09 euros that has a 37% discount.

Lékué Duo Round Red Cake Mold, Silicone, 23 x 7 x 23 cm

RRP on Amazon € 17.09

More kitchen utensils

Cutlery, spatulas, cutting boards, ham holders ... Taking advantage of Black Friday is practical with Christmas just around the corner but also to change or expand some of our needs in the kitchen. Small everyday utensils to make our day to day easier and that now come with good discounts.

  • Reishunger Steamer: Clean, natural and with capacity for four people. This 100% bamboo steamer is the ideal element to cook healthier and lighter, respecting each ingredient as much as possible. From meat to fish, through vegetables or indulging in oriental cuisine such as baos, dimsums or gyozas. Now with a 25% discount to make it yours for 21.99 euros 16.44 euros.

Reishunger Bamboo steamer (Ø 25 cm, 2 levels) for rice, dim sum, vegetables, fish and meat, includes 2 cotton towels, for 4 people

RRP at Amazon € 16.44
  • Pasapapurés Bra: The usual flavor with the usual material. Literally one of those foolproof kitchen utensils to bequeath. Stainless steel, easy to use (it has a small hook so it does not dance on the casserole) and dishwasher safe, a must-have so that creams, purees and sauces have all the consistency of yesteryear. An everyday luxury with a 30% discount at El Corte Inglés that can enter your home for 24.95 euros, 17.45 euros.

BRA Professional - Pass-through, Stainless Steel 18/10

Price at El Corte Inglés € 17.45 Price at Amazon € 24.99
  • Vicloon Cutting Boards: Easy to clean, strong and durable. Forget about using a table for everything and thus avoid cross contamination with small details with this curious and colorful set that you can also have at home with a 20% discount. Its price: 11.99 euros 9.59 euros.

Vicloon Plastic Cutting Boards, Set of 4 Flexible Kitchen Boards with Different Color, Food Icons and Handles, Food Non-slip Cutting Boards for Dishwashers

RRP on Amazon € 9.59 PVP on Ebay € 16.99
  • Fackelmann Ham Holder: The jpgt that we all want at Christmas - in addition to ham - and that can make the task of cutting much easier. Triple grip system and a comfortable drawer in the base, to store the knives, is all we need to to play the violin (with a 35% discount). Its price 45.99 euros 29.84 euros.

Fackelmann 02121 Ham holder with drawer, Pine Wood, 39 x 21.5 x 40.5 cm.

RRP on Amazon € 29.84 PVP on Ebay € 41.70
  • Zwilling King Cutlery: Renewing the cutlery for Christmas - or if we have an emancipated or newlywed couple nearby - is perfect and easy with this six-piece set from Zwilling, which includes a spoon, table knife and fork, spoons of coffee and mocha, cake forks and fruit knives- Stylish, comfortable and elegant design for a classic that you can put on your table with 70%. A jpgt for 155.00 euros 45.99 euros.

Zwilling King - Table cutlery set, 42 pieces, stainless steel, 35 x 25 x 10 cm

RRP on Amazon € 45.99
  • WMF pasta spoon: One of those utensils as simple as they are practical, capable of surviving generations in your home and that with Black Friday comes with a 33% discount. Stainless steel, great resistance and perfect for serving macaroni, spaghetti, fusillis or any pasta that is put ahead. As elegant as it is functional. Take it to your kitchen for 22.99 euros 15.35 euros.

WMF Profi Plus Pasta Spoon, Polished Stainless Steel

Price at Amazon € 15.35 Price at El Corte Inglés € 15.35
  • BRA Efficient Kitchen Spoon: Forget about casseroles with scratched bottoms or wooden spoons that respect the metal but are diminished with each use. With this Bra Efficient spoon you have the best of both worlds: the solidity of the steel in the handle and the resistance and flexibility of the silicone in the tip. A spoon to make your life easier that you now have with a 32% discount and could be yours for 6.08 euros 4.15 euros.

BRA Efficient Kitchen Spoon, INOX Steel, Nylon and Silicone, Orange, 35 cm

Price on Amazon € 4.15 Price on El Corte Inglés € 4.15 Price on Ebay € 11.60
  • Monix Milan cutlery set: Ideal as a first cutlery due to price, design and versatility, including table spoon and fork, dessert spoon and steak knife for 6 people. A little treasure that comes with a 43% discount to become a real bargain at your table. It can be yours for only 40.41 euros 22.99 euros.

Monix Milan 24-Piece Cutlery Set with Steak Knife, 18/10 Stainless Steel, Contemporary Design, Bright Polished Finish, 2mm Thick (6 Servings)

RRP on Amazon € 22.99

More offers

If you join Amazon Prime, you have a 30-day free trial (after 36 euros per year) to enjoy free fast shipping, priority accessory to offers, services such as Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading and unlimited photo storage. Also, if you are a student, becoming a Prime Student costs half and you have a 90-day trial.

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