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A few days ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Boggo restaurant, in Madrid's Salamanca district, and I was able to share a dinner in which bloggers and different media were invited to get to know its new decoration, and its renewed menu. The place has been open for approximately seven years, and has just been completely renovated.

After dinner, the lower part of the restaurant, which has a bar with music, was starting to fill up, and it was just after midnight. The place has a curious layout, with the restaurant at the top and a bar or afterwork on the ground floor, which gathers young people when they leave work, to chat and have a beer or a cocktail, and to play something, to transform itself hours later into an ideal place to have the first drink.

The restaurant is a large space, with comfortable seats and good lighting, where you can eat without being crowded. The decoration was reminiscent of American cocktail bars with gray and raw leather armchairs and sofas. The kitchen could be classified as market cuisine with dishes full of contrasts, in which the combination of ingredients and spices seemed very successful.

The idea they had was to serve a dinner based on mushrooms, but they told us that they had to modify the tasting to the circumstances, since it had not been easy to find some varieties of mushrooms planned, so they changed the menu adapting it to the quality they wanted to offer us, a detail that I really liked.

However, it was a menu based on mushrooms, which were practically present in all dishes, either as a main ingredient or as a garnish. We started with a foie micuit with spice bread and truffle honey with crunchy honey, accompanied by Jarel wine, a Malaga muscat that harmonized wonderfully.

The dish that I liked the most was the red tuna and mango tartare with wasabi foam and radish sprouts, which you can see above these lines, which we were served with a wine from the D.O. from Alicante, called Lascala. The mixture of sweet flavors with the spiciness of wasabi and sprouts was a delight.

We continue with some boletus sautéed with tarragon with truffle and a poached egg, an excellent combination that we accompany with a delicious wine made from Mencía grapes, from Bierzo, Luna de Beberide and finally, we have an ox sirloin with blackmails in a whiskey sauce from Malta in which we liked the meat very much for its quality and tenderness. The wine with which we accompanied the sirloin was a Prima, from the D.O. Bull.

To round off dinner, we had a Passion Fruit sorbet, and with it we gave way to dessert, a wonderful Galleta María tiramisu, which made us all return to childhood and enjoy an impressive flavor and texture. To my liking, it could have been served without the decorative cords of coulis, since the flavor of the tiramisu was exquisite and there was no need for more.

In summary, a delicious menu that, according to all the attendees, had a very high level of quality in all the dishes, so we left happy to have been able to share this renewed illusion with which the Boggo restaurant faces this new stage. What remained pending, due to the lateness of the night, was to visit the bar and afterwork on the ground floor, from which the music was already rising encouraging those who were then starting the night.


C / Velázquez 102 Madrid

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