Orange arm. Dessert recipe.

The Orange Arm, or Torta de laranja is a well-known Portuguese recipe that I had seen in countless blogs until recently I decided to try it. In a short time I have already repeated it several times because it is a delicious sweet, soft and fluffy and with a delicious and intense orange flavor.

In addition, it is very easy to make and although the time to remove it from the mold may seem a bit delicate, it does not matter if it breaks somewhere or if you get stuck to the mold, since when rolling it up all the defects are hidden. You will see that the amount of flour is minimal in relation to the large number of eggs it carries, this makes it have a very smooth texture, between flan and pudding.

Ingredients for 8 people

  • 8 eggs, 300g of sugar, 180-200ml of orange juice, zest of the skin of two oranges, 20g of flour (one tablespoon), 80g of butter, plus sugar to sprinkle.
  • How to make an orange arm

    We preheat the oven to 200º. Grease a 25x30cm rectangular mold, line the bottom with baking paper, ensuring that it is well adhered to the mold. We melt the butter in the microwave. We put the sugar, the eggs and the orange zest in a bowl, beat with electric rods without frothing too much. Add the juice and flour, beat a little and finally add the butter, mix well.

    We pour the mixture into the mold, we will do it little by little so that the paper does not rise. Bake for about 25 minutes. We put a kitchen towel on the counter and sprinkle it abundantly with sugar. We take the candy from the oven and pour it decisively on the cloth, we take off the paper and helping ourselves with the cloth we roll the cake along the longest part to form a kind of gypsy arm. We carefully pass it to an elongated fountain.

    Processing time | 45 minutes Difficulty | Easy


    I like to lightly burn the sugar on the surface of the orange arm with a blowtorch. To decorate you can put some orange slices, some rosettes of whipped cream or meringue, or as I have done on this occasion, some strips of candied orange and some chocolate leaves. The orange arm will be a great dessert, but it seems especially appropriate to accompany a mid-afternoon coffee.

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