Lemon prawn skewers and summer desserts in the gourmet fortnight of Trendencias Lifestyle (XXIII)


Summer has already arrived, it has already arrived, it has already arrived, and the party began, began, began ... summer is here, to make you happy, whether based on catchy songs like this one that I have quoted from Megalo, or from barbecues and meals in the field or on the beach. And to nourish those meetings with delicious recipes, you will surely like the ones that I bring you in the gourmet fortnight of Lifestyle Jared.

We can start with a small and delicious appetizer: some crunchy mozzarella balls accompanied by blueberry jam. The next thing would be to serve the delicate and flavorful lemon prawn skewers, a guaranteed success on a barbecue. As a finishing touch, for dessert, here are four fresh and beautiful ideas to decorate a summer cake

No less important is the drink in the summer, because it squeezes the heat and you want to cool off, something we can do with Spiced Julep ”, the most sparkling cocktail with Kraken Black spiced rum or with an iced coffee made with Brezza Blend, the new aroma of coffee with which Starbucks celebrates the arrival of summer. It is also a good idea to open a fresh bottle of white wine, and if it is a wine inspired by Game of Thrones like The Wine of Westeros, all the better.

Nor should we forget that in summer we go out more, even to have an ice cream. Even in London they do it, especially because they have Dri Dri, a good example that Londoners understand good Italian ice cream. But if it's really hot, there's nothing like going up to the roof of La Casa Encendida for a drink on Disaronnno Terrace. But that's not all, there are many more cafes and restaurants to discover in the gourmet fortnight of Trendencias Lifestyle:

  • Gingerboy, the Chamberí takeaway that blends Spanish and Asian food
  • Are you looking for a new place to satisfy your guts in Madrid? Bon Vivant & Co.
  • Your mother's kitchen is located at Malaga airport
  • If you drop by New York, pamper your stomach at Pastis
  • The coolest place to quench your appetite in Milan goes by the name of Bianco Latte
  • The dinosaur was still there: but there is nothing left of food
  • If you come to visit Barcelona (or if you live here) you have to recharge your batteries at Le Coq & The Burg
  • Gau & Café: a roof terrace not contaminated by the Marbella spirit
  • Discover good English food without leaving Madrid at Los Chuchis
  • Ham and champagne sandwich, the most hipster bar in all of Madrid
  • Are you messing around with sushi and chopsticks? Yours is the Temaki that you eat with your hands
  • Add a spicy touch to the weekend with Tente-en-Pie de Tepic
  • If you live in Barcelona you will hear about Pepito, and he is not a boy
  • KesSalao, the most cheerful and colorful Mediterranean restaurant in Germany
  • The trattoria with the most hipster burgers in Milan: Polpa Burger Trattoria
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