Oreo cookie brownie, Lorraine Pascale recipe

I have tried quite a few brownie recipes as it is a cake that I am especially excited about. But this recipe for Lorraine Pascale seems to me one of the best. I have minimally adapted the quantities, but the base is the same, although she in her book Baking made easyHe calls them "cookies & cream fudge brownies", but to be more explicit I have preferred to call the recipe: Oreo cookie brownie.

It may be because the interior is very juicy, almost like a raw dough, and I am one of those people who loves to try uncooked doughs; or I don't know what the specific reason is, but you have to make this recipe to know exactly what I'm talking about. Since it also has almost no flour, the upper crust that is created is ephemeral and literally melts when entering the mouth.


For 10 people
  • Butter 165 g
  • Chopped dark chocolate 200 g
  • Eggs L 3
  • Egg yolks 2
  • Vanilla essence (1 tablespoon) 10 ml
  • Sugar 90 g
  • Brown sugar 75 g
  • Wheat flour 30 g
  • Cocoa powder 15 g
  • Pinch salt
  • Sliced ​​Oreo cookies or mini format 160 g

How to make Oreo cookie brownies

Difficulty: easy
  • Total time 45 m
  • Elaboration 15 m
  • Cooking 30 m

We preheat the oven to 180º C with heat up and down. In a bowl, combine the butter and dark chocolate. We heat it in the microwave, in short periods of time, so that it melts without burning. We stir well until we have a smooth and shiny cream. We reserve.

In another bowl we put the eggs, the yolks, the normal sugar and the brown. Beat with rods or a mixer until the mixture mounts, forms a whitish cream, and has doubled its initial volume.

Gradually add to this cream, the reserved mixture from the first bowl, very slowly, while with a spatula or tongue mix carefully to avoid losing volume. We add sifted flour, pure cocoa powder and a pinch of salt. We do the same, we integrate it very smoothly and with enveloping movements.

We grease a 20 cm square mold on each side. If we want to remove the brownie from the tray once baked, to present on another plate, we will put baking paper if the mold is not removable. We throw the dough and distribute the chopped cookies throughout it.

Bake for about 30 minutes, the inside should be juicy. We remove from the oven and let cool completely in the mold before consuming.

What to accompany the Oreo cookie brownie

I generally like to combine brownies with ice cream as they make a perfect set, but with the Oreo cookie brownie I make a distinction, and I love taking it with a big glass of cold milk, it's a treat. If you like it a little more done, let it bake for 5 or 10 minutes more than I indicate. It is perfectly preserved for up to three days.

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