Beef broth. Mexican recipe


Generally we have the idea that preparing stews or stews over low heat is synonymous with being in the kitchen all morning, but if we take into account that most of this type of preparation, all they need is a good raw material, a good flame. and time boiling alone, we can begin to consider recovering some of the traditional dishes that we had abandoned in our busy modern life or even try some new ones.

With this beef broth I wanted to try something new for me. It is a traditional Mexican recipe, a stew similar to the ones we usually make around here, but with some somewhat different ingredients, although not unknown. This dish is not only cooked in Mexico and not only with these ingredients, it happens like almost all traditional dishes of any country, it has as many different versions as families cook it, and as always that of each one's grandmother is the best .


1 kilo of beef with bone, 200 grams of chickpeas soaked 12 hours, 1 onion, 1 ear of raw corn, 1 carrot, 1 handful of green beans, 1/2 zucchini, 1 large potato, 1/4 of cabbage , 3 garlic cloves, 12 peppercorns, water and salt.

How to make beef broth

We fill a large pot with water and put it on a live fire. Add the peeled onion, pepper, peeled garlic cloves and a little salt to the water. We let it start to boil.

We chop the meat into medium cubes. Add the meat and chickpeas soaked to the water. Let it boil over high heat for at least 60 minutes.

While we clean and prepare the vegetables. Cut the carrot, zucchini, potato and corn on the cob into 4 pieces. We remove the tips from the green beans.

Add the vegetables to the broth and let it all boil together until well cooked.

Processing time | Three hours
Difficulty | Low


We will serve the beef broth in individual plates, the ingredients well distributed so that they touch everyone equally.

And if our stomachs are as tanned as Mexicans have, we can sprinkle each plate with a little chopped coriander and a little chili powder.

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