River crab

Yesterday I was on vacation. Yes, sadly, just a vacation day. But hey, I made the most of it, we went crayfish fishing.Although I do not have photos of the fishing moment, more than anything, for fear of losing the camera in the water, I did take some photos of the bugs and of course I will make a recipe.

The crayfish is a freshwater crustacean with claws. It usually measures, adult, between 12 and 15 cm, today they are somewhat scarce in our rivers, especially the autochthonous species. Partly due to the incorporation of the American crayfish species in the 1950s that displaced the native species.

There are different species, the red foot crab, which has the best quality meat. The white-footed crab, the smallest and is a mountain crab, in torrent crab and the American crayfish, the worst quality but the one that reproduces the fastest.

Native species need about five to seven years to reach the adult stage, for this reason, due to the inclusion of species that reproduce faster and due to the pollution of the waters we have quite a shortage of river crabs.

In recent years a new species of crayfish has been incorporated, the "Turkey crab", it is a crab like the one in the photo, it has a rough, greenish shell, with orange joints, and its tail fin is articulated. It is not as aggressive for ecosystems and reaches adulthood in two or three years. It is usually the species that is obtained in the nurseries.

Only the tail of the crayfish is eaten. The minced shell is used for bisques and compound butters. To cook them, it is best to remove the intestine, to avoid making the preparation bitter, or we can keep them fasting for two days.

Now it only remains to cook them.

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